Saturday, July 19, 2014


In the car heading to church last Sunday

Take it slow and give your soul a change to catch up with your body.

Why is it that the day we should be all the more focused on God we are bombarded by self-consciousness and/or self-conceit?
Far too many times I have spend the moments I should be preparing my heart stressing about how my hair turned out or what I should wear.  So often I worry about what others may think of my singing voice during music instead of openly worshiping.  I compare myself to others, physically and spiritually, when I could simply be loving them.

A few weeks ago a lady came up to me and told me that she thought I was beautiful, but that I also had that Christ-shine about me.  I was so humbled... even now I know I can never deserve such a compliment.  There I was, wondering if my clothes flattered me or if anyone thought I looked as awkward as I felt physically, being the tall girl that I am in a place filled with more average-to-petite sized women, and a sweet lady who I didn't know thought I was shining from the inside out with the light of my Savior.
*spiritual knife to the heart*

Oh, to be so focused on Christ that all of my own insecurities (and vanities) fell away into the abyss where they belong.

So I challenge myself, and my readers, this Sunday to embrace the Lord fully.  When you dress yourself (or even put on your makeup), don't think about who to impress... just dress yourself for your own happiness (I always encourage modesty too, of course).  When you sing, don't worry about early-morning voice-cracking... just sing to the one who gave you your voice.  When you look at others, don't see their strengths as your weaknesses (or vice versa)... see sinners like you who have been redeemed; beautiful creations to love.

Still your mind from stresses, look to what is real, true, and eternal.



Livia Rachelle said...

What you are saying is, I think, exactly the point of 1 Timothy 2:9 which we often focus on simply for the modesty (an important point in and of itself but not the overall point of the passage).

Hannah Barta said...

Thank you for posting this!

dance a real

Jennifer Allen said...

Spot on!!!! God has given you such wisdom and insight beyond your years!!!