about the blog

My life has been a roller coaster of mountain peak highs and “depths of despair” lows.  I have stood tall, proclaiming joy and hope.  I have curled into a ball of hurt and disappointment, not even wanting to look at what seemed to be a bleak future.  One thing has remained constant: my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is my Rock when I’m confused, my Guiding Light when depression hits, my Comforter when my heart breaks, my Friend when I’m anxious.  He is my King and without Him I would be so, so lost.
It is because of Him that I can still, always, have hope and joy.  He makes beautiful things out of dust and He is teaching me, oh so patiently, how to love my life- no matter what skies I find myself underneath.  He is showing me how to fly them bravely; even though I am fearful, even though to take wing means to be more vulnerable than ever before.
My desire is to encourage you in the Lord through my pictures and ramblings; to show not a perfect life, but one that is beautiful and free.

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