about me

I am Rachel J.
I am a twenty-something wife, mommy, and homemaker.  I am a writer, singer, poet, and pianist.  I am a lover of the simple, natural, and beautiful.  I am a daughter and sister.  I am imperfect, learning, and growing.  I am a Christian.
I am married to Andrew (since May 2012!), who is a clever (and hilarious) man, gifted musician, bible school graduate, and loving husband.  He is my best friend.  We both love ministry, music, laughing, talking, movies, God, and each other.  We are excited to be starting a family together We have one sweet baby, Promise, in heaven and a precious daughter, Serenity Faye (aka Rennie, Renniebird) born in August of 2015 (you can read her birth story here).
I am a daydreamer.  I am a reader and thinker who also enjoys movies and those few fantastic TV shows.  I drink my coffee black and my tea with honey.  I find windblown hair most becoming.  I love big windows, sunbeams, rainfall, starlight, and thunderstorms.  I enjoy many types of music.  I haven’t traveled much (aside from my journeys in Narnia, Middle Earth, and so many places of their kind).  I am a born and bred Hoosier living in Utah, my husband's home state.  I am a free-flyer.  I feel deeply.  I'm a talkative (once you get to know me) introvert.  I am weird, nerdy, honest, random, saved, and blessed.
So welcome.  Welcome to my little corner.  I hope you enjoy your stay!


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Racic said...

You have an awesome blog!

~Racic | Washed by the Water