Thursday, June 30, 2011

When you mix trampolines, water, and "Blind Man"...

It was SO much fun.  Jessica, Natalie, Josh, Andrew, and I were jumping on our trampoline on Tuesday with the hose hooked up to one of the netting poles.  We were soaked and happy.  Then we decided to play "Blind Man"... you know, the game whicj is just like tag only the person who is "it" shuts their eyes and relies completely on sound???

Yeah, that game.

I still love it... but I have a bone to pick with whoever invented that game.

Literally.  A bone.  Namely, my left ring finger.  You know, the extra special finger where purity rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands go???

Don't panic.  I still have my finger.

The Joys of Drama Directing...

I am an easily-stressed, worrying person who can get so overwhelmed that I should never be able to direct a drama.  EVER!

But, like last year, I did and enjoyed every minute of it.  God is an amazing strength when time is running short and you still haven't found that one illusive prop!  The group of young people that made our drama team was amazingly encouraging too.  Many brought some of their own props to help out.  None of them were afraid of working hard to make everything work the way it needed to and kept positive attitudes even when pies where flying in their faces or chewed bananas were getting smashed into their hair.  :-P  Gotta love the skits we do...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Overdue...

A post with pictures from my trip out west a month ago is LONG overdue... wouldn't you agree?

So, I won't waste any more of your time!  Without further ado, I now present my trip to Colorado and Wyoming in pictures!  Hold on to your hats...  there are a lot a pictures (and these are only a small selection of the hundreds we took!).


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Guess Who???

Hi there!
So, after long weeks of absence from my blog, I’ve returned!  You may wonder why it has been so extremely long since I’ve taken the time to write a post…  Well, it can’t be explained without telling many long stories that would only confuse you more.  J  So, I’ll just tell one story to give you A LOT of context for the last six months of my life… actually, much longer than that!