Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Joys of Drama Directing...

I am an easily-stressed, worrying person who can get so overwhelmed that I should never be able to direct a drama.  EVER!

But, like last year, I did and enjoyed every minute of it.  God is an amazing strength when time is running short and you still haven't found that one illusive prop!  The group of young people that made our drama team was amazingly encouraging too.  Many brought some of their own props to help out.  None of them were afraid of working hard to make everything work the way it needed to and kept positive attitudes even when pies where flying in their faces or chewed bananas were getting smashed into their hair.  :-P  Gotta love the skits we do...

This year our drama was set in the Wild West during the Gold Rush in California.  The play consisted of five scenes performed separately on Friday and Saturday for VBS and then performed back to back as a full-length drama on the following Sunday morning for our church and some visitors.

I must say... I was SO proud of everyone.  When they took their final bow and the curtains closed a flood of happiness rushed over me.  I'm so excited that we had the opportunity to minister to the children at our church and our community... and many adults commented on how great the drama was too (the scripts were written to reach out to adults as well as children).  And the most amazing thing was that, as a result of our VBS ministry, three young children have come to believe in Christ Jesus as their Savior.  Praise the Lord!

So, here are some fun pictures of the amazing young people (ages eleven to twenty-one) who gave up so much time and energy to make the drama possible!

Left to Right from the steps: Jordan (Townsperson), Thomas (Townsperson), Charity (Wildcat Winnie, Outlaw), Natalie (Petunia Periwinkle, Starlet Hopeful), Sarah (Kate "the Snake" Jackson, Oulaw), Jessica (Sadie Brown, Cafe Owner), Andrew (Otis Henry, Deputy Sheriff), Kenn (Caleb Foster/ Dr. Marvel, Prespector/ Snake-oil Salesman), Lucas (Theodore Tweedle, Sheriff of Discovery City)
Middle:  ME!  Very happy!  ;-)

Deputy Otis Henry and Sheriff Theodore Tweedle sit outside the local Jail

Andrew and Lucas had their audience in stitches as they (intentionally) bumbled their way through the scenes.
Yeah... their characters weren't the brightests bulbs in the box.

Kate "the Snake" Jackson hefts a bag of stolen money out of the town right under the lawmens' noses!

Sarah did such a good job.  Quite a different role from last  year...  I guess she got tired of running a museum in Egypt and went a little stir-crazy... that would explain the number of banks she's robbed recently!

Petunia Periwinkle poses outside the General Store hoping to catch the eye of a talent scout!

Natalie applied her crazy side to this role with incredible success!  Several people didn't recognize her.

Sadie Brown waits at her Cafe, hoping to meet someone willing to listen to the Good News of Jesus Christ

Jessica did an excellent job bringing this character to life.  Changing from a hard, busy lady of business to a messenger of the Gospel, she embodied her role and was able to bring comedy to lines in a way no one else could have!

Doctor Marvel plans to cheat yet another town of innocent people with his mind-boggling medicine show.

Petunia fell for his sales pitch... with disastrous results!

Kenn could have convinced me to buy his phony medicine any time!  He had the audience spell-bound during his long speech with his energy.

Hope you enjoyed!  Doing these scenes and then the full-length drama was such an incredible experience for me.  I'm so excited to see these young folk using their God-given talents to glorify their Savior and touch lives.

Make sure to check back soon for pictures from my trip to yet another wedding!!!

God bless!

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Eyebright said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! A friend and I have been talking about getting together a small group to do a play, and we both think it would be really fun and exciting.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!