Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Overdue...

A post with pictures from my trip out west a month ago is LONG overdue... wouldn't you agree?

So, I won't waste any more of your time!  Without further ado, I now present my trip to Colorado and Wyoming in pictures!  Hold on to your hats...  there are a lot a pictures (and these are only a small selection of the hundreds we took!).


Jess and Nat in the back of our fifteen-passenger van

Smily Samantha

Goofy Samantha (with Jessie looking on... not sure what to think of her expression!)


Pretty Natalie gazing out the window

Eating at the Cracker Barrel close to our hotel

Bekah's expression sums it up: we're TIRED!

Our hotel was amazing!!!  SO beautifully decorated!

Oh, oh, oh!!! A KNIGHT!!!!

Oh, oh, OH!  ANOTHER ONE!  ;-)

Beautiful Colorado scenery

My dear friend, Emily's, wedding rehearsal

Doing my hair for the wedding

Napping on Daddy's shoulder

Beautiful seating at the ceremony...

Emily's sister, Lydia, tossing petals onto the path with Emily's other sister, Katie, in the far back waiting to proceed to the gazebo.

Happy faces!

Man and wife!!!  (Wipes tears from eyes... yes, I did cry at the wedding during Brandon's vows)

First dance as a married couple

Loving smiles and dreamy bubbles

The next week was spent hanging out with Emily's family and sightseeing (yes, that is Andrew on the left)!

Josh, Sammie, and Danny at "Garden of the Gods"... the Native American history behind the beautiful place is quite interesting, though none of us really liked the name.  The Littles call is "God's Garden" since HE created it so beautifully!

A week after my friend was married, Andrew's friend, Logan, was to be wed as well!

So we journeyed to a beautiful spot in Wyoming for the rehearsal and ceremony

Exchanging vows

Praying for the Lord's blessing

A cookout for the reception lunch

Big smiles!!!

Perfect weather, lovely ceremony, lots of love!

Jess and me walking back to the car...  to spend two long days getting back to good ol' Indiana

Well... that sums it up!!!  WOW!  Later on I'll be posting VBS drama pictures and then pictures from my friends, Will and Bethany's, wedding!  Check back soon!

God bless!

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HannahGrace said...

Wow, looks like y'all had fun! :) Weddings always make me cry, too. What's bad is when you're the bridesmaid and you start crying in front of everyone! ;) Yes, that happened to me. But a friend of mine was crying too [it was her sisters wedding] so we stood there and cried together. :D