Friday, September 22, 2017

autumn favorites

AUTUMN IS HERE!!!!!  It may not feel like it (we've had some unseasonably hot weather in Indiana this week), but it is calendar official!  This season is by faaaaaaaaar my favorite and I can't help but honor it with a post about the reasons why.

~  The colors!  I'm usually a fan of light grays, blues, and greens... but there is something so comforting about the colors of fall.

~  The decorations.  Again, though my home decor doesn't normally include items of orange, yellow, and red, this time of year is the exception.

~ Pumpkins!  Fake ones, real ones, drink ones, food ones...  ;-)  From sitting prettily on a front porch to blended in my coffee, pumpkins are a wonderful thing!

~  The weather.  Temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees are perfect in my opinion.  Crisp air is happy air.  And that kind of weather leads too:

~  The clothes!  Sweaters, scarves, boots, slippers, hats, cardigans, jeans, leggings, fuzzy socks... !!!

~  The food.  This is the perfect time of year to bring out ALL of the hearty warm stews and casseroles!  Confession time: I cook this way all year, but at least now we don't have to stand in front of a fan afterwards.  ;-P

~  Blankets.  I love throw blankets.  I keep them out on my couches all of the time.  BUT this time of year they actually get some use. 

~  Bonfires (and, of course, s'mores!).  I grew up with a mom who made bonfires every single autumn and sitting/singing/laughing around them still gives me all the warm fuzzies.

~  Walks in the leaves.  Looking at them on the trees and crunching them underfoot...  *happy sigh*

~  The smells.  From cinnamon to cloves to pumpkin to apple to just that fresh scent a cool breeze brings, it is all perfection.  Because I'm not crazy about the toxins regular candles have, I love throwing apple or orange peels into a pot on the stove (or a crock pot) with cinnamon sticks and other spices.  Makes the house smell heavenly.  Only downside is it makes Andrew really hungry.  ;-)

~  Hot drinks!!!  Cocoa, tea, and COFFEE taste even better this time of year!

~  Cuddling on the couch.  With a loved one or a good book (under one of those throw blankets).

What is your favorite thing about autumn???

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

mamabird life {seventeen} and blog survey!

Mamabird life has been...

~ Little to no brain capacity for writing.  Hence my terrible lack of sharing here.  These pictures are from a family vacation we took a month ago.  Life hasn't slowed down since getting home.

~ Enjoying *some* cooler weather.  It was beautiful at our vacation spot in Wisconsin and the last couple weeks here in Indiana have been beautiful as well.  It's warming up a bit though... Go away, summer!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

family pictures... and musings from a wife and mommy

"The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling."  ~ Fabienne Fredrickson

I have always wanted to be a wife and mommy.  I went through my stint of wanting to be a famous singer or author.  I mulled around different career ideas occasionally.  But nothing stuck.  Nothing matched the desire in my heart to love a godly man and raise a passel of children.

The first half of my dream came very easily.  I met Andrew when I was seventeen.  He was the first and only man with whom I had a romantic relationship.  We were married less than a month after my nineteenth birthday.  At twenty-four I am very well-adjusted to sharing my heart, home, and life with him.  We've definitely got that "old married couple" thing going.  Honestly, it hasn't always been easy getting married so young, but God has been faithful to grow us.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

renniebird... two years!

This morning my body woke me up at 6:30. Normally I would have sank back into our mess of blankets and pillows for some more shut-eye, but instead I stayed awake for exactly seventeen minutes to watch my baby turn two. In that time she rolled over in her sleep to wrap her arm around me, smushed her face against my arm, smiled and giggled in her sleep, and was by far the sweetest and dearest child in the world. 
So many times in the years before her existence I laid awake at night wondering if I would ever be a mom. I shed so many tears during that time. I prayed so hard and doubted so much. Yet later this morning I was greeted by deep blue eyes and a smile that reaches every inch of her face as she woke to her second birthday. I am so thankful for the sweet child who calls me mommy. These two years have been a time of enormous growth for me as a person and I would never trade them for anything! Happy birthday, sweet Renniebird. And thank you God for this gift.

--- yesterday on Facebook