Wednesday, December 7, 2016

banana protein pancakes

I love pancakes.  I grew up with a mama who made dynamite ones and thinking of them still makes my mouth water.  
But most mornings I don't have time to make a batch a regular pancakes.  Enter banana pancakes.

I won't lie to you.  These don't taste like normal pancakes.  But if you like banana bread, these might be a fun breakfast option.  The BEST thing about them is they only require two ingredients and are packed with protein!  I like to dress them up a bit with some optional extras, but they are great plain as well.  
I can't claim to have come up with this by myself, but I still wanted to share the basic concept with my personal preferences to make these yummolicious!  :-D

Banana Protein Pancakes
(makes approximately 4 medium pancakes)

1 banana (the softer, the easier to blend)
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional)
butter (optional)

1.  Blend banana and eggs in mixing bowl.  Add optional vanilla and cinnamon (or any other things that sound good... I bet chopped pecans would also be fantastic!).

2.  Grease cooking pan.  Oil is fine, but butter adds to the flavor in wonderful ways...  Warm pan to medium heat.

3.  Pour pancake-like amounts onto pan.  This "batter" should pour and form just like regular pancakes!

4.  Flip once when bottom side is starting to brown.  Remove from heat once cooked through (or edges are crisping on both sides).

5.  Spread with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon (if desired!).  ENJOY!

Friday, December 2, 2016

cardigan-love and life-speaking... outfit/life post

maroon floral shirt ~ motherhood maternity, oversize cardigan ~ thrift, black jeggings ~ walmart, moccasins ~, vintage-inspired earrings ~ walmart

this is my favorite cardigan ever.  it matches pretty much everything.  it is over-sized.  it is soooooo comfy!  AND (while these are indiana pictures) i have been able to wear it a couple of times since being in nevada!  yay for temperature drops!  
this is an outfit that feels very true to me.  it is very comfortable, yet classic and feminine.
my makeup is my go-to look these days.  simple neutrals.  anyone interested in me sharing my hair/makeup routine?  hmmm, that might be a fun post for anyone wanting an easy ready-to-go look!  :-D

now to life:  rennie seems to be pretty well adjusted to us living with her grandparents.  andrew isn't crazy about his longer commute to work, but is doing well besides that.  i am definitely enjoying a break from cooking every day.  ;-)  in all seriousness, it is weird not having a house of our own, but this has also been such a sweet time so far.  rennie is in love with her oma and opa and it makes my heart so happy!

in other life-news, i've been doing so much soul-searching recently... weighing my hopes and fears and prayers.  seeking for a joy that i seem to have lost some time ago.  it is so good to stop and seek wisdom and ask for help.  i'm so thankful for the encouragers in my life who speak life and understanding to me.

who is a life-speaker for you?  who is the person you count on to remind you of truth and beauty?  tell me and then tell them.  outside of the Lord, my life-speakers are definitely my husband, parents (all four of them), and siblings.  so thankful.


Saturday, November 26, 2016


new slippers,
you are perfect.  just the right size (11, thanks to my two pregnancies!).  just the right warmth.  just the right soft gray color.  you make me smile.

indiana ground bedecked in leaves,
thank you for letting me wander around on you.  you made my days good.

autumn colors,
*happy sigh*  i missed you so much last year.  it was lovely to be reacquainted.

warm sweaters,
we only had a short time together.  you are still amazing and my favorite and i miss you now.
till we meet again (hopefully soon if nevada weather cooperates).

parents' house,
you were only my home for two brief years, but it is always nice to come back to you.  you are full of people i love dearly.  thank you for keeping them warm and safe.

random word found in my brother's block tower,
you are a beautiful reminder.  life is insane right now.  my mind is full.  it is hard to still the tornado that is my brain most days.  you made me stop and realize that there is more to life than the routine and responsibilities.  i can get so lost; forget who i am.  i need to pause more often and breathe and be.

new haircut,
you are the shortest my hair has been since i was eight.  and after three weeks i still really like you.  i've been wearing my locks long for so many years that i never considered how something different might feel.  and now i am feeling more me than before.  this is such a small thing for some... but for me it seems like i'm becoming more and more of my new self as a wife and mom.  while i have my moments of missing the length and the gypsy-beauty... you are more true to current-rachel.  i am very happy with you.  thank you for rewarding my risk-taking!

 family... near and far,
you mean so much to me.  whether you've been on this journey with me since birth or have welcomed me in more recent years, i am thankful for you.  you bless me.  you are a gift.

i miss you.  i know that i'm back from my trip and each night we can hold each other... but you know it's hard that it's the only time we get.  you work so hard and i am beyond-proud of you.  this season with so little time together is almost over.  we can do this!
  i am so thankful that you are the one i get to share my life with.  thank you for being so strong when i'm depressed or anxious or both.  i love you.  i can't wait to start this new adventure with you and keep loving you!

You know me.  You love me.  You are a healer and comforter and everything.  You make the colors, give the reminders, provide the relationships...  You are so generous.
thank you.