Saturday, April 18, 2015

evening breeze... maternity outfit post


Hello friends!  
Soooo, I am thrilled to be pregnant.  I know what a miracle this baby is and am thankful every moment... but it has not been easy.  The first trimester was dreadful and second trimester still has had difficult moments/days.  And clothing-wise things have been interesting.  Maternity pants are fine, but they aren't always the most comfortable thing.

 In walk maxi skirts to save the day!  They are soft, stretchy, and so versatile!

Blue Blouse ~ Gift (believe it was originally from Ross)
Gray Maxi Skirt ~ Walmart
White Sweater ~ Thrifted
White Lace Flats ~ Walmart
Flower Headband ~ Walmart
Eiffel Tower Earrings ~ Meijer
Charm Necklace ~ Walmart


This outfit was SOOOO comfy to wear.  Every inch of fabric was super soft.  

My over-sized sweater is hands down my favorite item of clothing!  It works with pretty much any outfit.  This was the perfect piece to throw on as the day cooled in the evening.

I recently picked up this headband and loved the subtle feminine charm it added to this outfit.  Paired with my pearl and Eiffel Tower earrings, my outfit felt complete!

So, how many of you (lady readers, of course) like wearing maxi skirts?  Do any of you like oversize sweaters/cardigans?  What are your favorite accessories?  If any of you are/have been pregnant, what have been your favorite items to wear as your body changed?


Thursday, April 16, 2015


Spring is definitely here in Southern Utah... The fact that I was wearing short sleeves by Valentine's Day should have been a hint that it might be getting warm soon.  ;-)


Life has been a crazy back and forth of very busy and very laid-back days.  It really feels like either everything or nothing is happening!

Andrew and I celebrated our first Easter out here.  We spent the weekend with his family (I say "his" to avoid confusion... they definitely are my family as well, especially now that I've had the chance to live closer to them and get to know them all better!).  Easter Sunday fell on April 5th this year... which is a hard date for me.  It was Promise's due date last year.  Hard to believe our first baby would have been a year old already!  It helped my heart so much on what could have been such a terrible day for me to instead be celebrating my risen Lord.  He truly is my reason for hope.  I am abundantly thankful for His sacrifice on the cross and victory over death!  It is because of Him that I have the assurance of eternity with my loved ones, including the baby I never held.  <3


Andrew's work schedule has been rather hectic lately, giving us hardly any time together.  Little outings are such a sweet thing right now.  Before going to be with family for Easter, Andrew showed me a beautiful spot near our town.  It was so tranquil and movie-scene beautiful!

Easy walking is about all I can handle right now.  I lost a lot of strength through the first trimester.  It's been good to (slowly, but surely) feel bits of energy and endurance come back.

19 weeks!!
I am definitely loving my bump.  It's SO nice to be past the awkward "is she pregnant or chunky?" stage.  I knew I finally looked pregnant when a lady offered me her place in line for the restroom!  "You need it more than I do, dear!"  :-P


This last weekend we got to visit some dear friends, Logan and Rachel (and their son, Josiah), in northern Utah.  It was so good to catch up and even minister together.  Andrew and I were able to take part in their Sunday Service and lead worship.  It's been a while since we've been able to do music together and it felt SO good.  :-)


They took us walking on a nearby trail.  It was so beautiful!  We also went to see a local production of Les Miserables one evening!  SUCH an incredibly fun weekend!


Andrew and Logan... sadly, the only picture I got of any of us together!  I utterly failed in the photography department.  


Andrew and little Josiah switched hats.  Josiah got Andrew's typical cowboy hat... this is what Andrew got.  It looks a bit better on Josiah, I have to admit.  ;-)

On Monday we also got to visit more friends, Chris and Danielle (and their son, Isaac).  Andrew knew them through Bible School and it was so great for me to finally meet them!  I had so much fun getting to know Danielle a bit better since we had become good friends through facebook!  You just can't beat meeting in person.


20 weeks today!!!  Halfway to meeting our baby girl!!!!!

This week was pretty laid-back... which was good since I felt pretty sick yesterday.  Feeling much better today and SO excited to already be twenty weeks along!!!  Maxi skirts are saving my life right now and, thank goodness, Rachel (seriously... it was a bit confusing over the weekend having two of us!) gave me some of her old maternity clothes (thank you, my friend!!!).  Hopefully that means I can wear jeans every so often now... though I'm not complaining... skirts are so comfy right now!

She has her fist under her chin... my own little "Thinker".

Today we also had our 20-week ultrasound!  Serenity looks amazing!!!  She's super healthy.  Also quite long and skinny with the cutest up-turned nose I've ever seen!
The technician says she is measuring perfectly for her due-date (she already weighs one pound, which is actually a bit on the large end!!!).  That's so good for me to hear since I haven't gained a bunch of weight yet.

Thank you all SO much for the continued prayers (please don't stop!).  The fact that this pregnancy is going so beautifully is indeed a blessing from God!

Beautiful profile!!!

The rest of my week will be spent preparing for the arrival of my mom!!!  She'll be arriving on Monday and staying till the following Tuesday.  I can hardly wait!!

What has April been like for the rest of you, my wonderful readers?  I apologize for the lack of posts recently.  Are there any kinds of posts you would like to see me do besides life/pregnancy updates?  Maternity fashion?  Setting up my new house and/or projects???  Random musings/writings???  Let me know and I will definitely try!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

hard days, big prayers, beautiful answers... yes, this is a gender-reveal!!!

15 weeks

Last Friday started as a nightmare.
By mid-morning I was experiencing agonizing back and abdominal pain... I cringe even thinking about it.  It was excruciating.  At first I tried to lay down and see if it would go away, but only a few minutes told me that wasn't possible.  My wonderful pastor's wife ran me to the ER.
"Where is the pain?" every nurse and doctor asked.
I would tell them... then inform them I was 17 weeks pregnant only to be met with pitying glances and the words "complication in the pregnancy, possible miscarriage".
My soul wept all morning.  As I tried to breath through pain that wouldn't leave, I prayed.  I prayed so hard.

"God, I will go through anything physically... please don't let it be the baby.  Keep the baby safe."

16 weeks

17 weeks... day before going to the hospital

I was given pain meds (after waiting for a LONG time), which didn't help much but took the edge off my pain.  My in-laws arrived and Andrew had been contacted at work.
I was wheeled into an ultrasound room, my wonderful mother-in-love in tow, and warm goop was quickly placed on my belly. 
 The device touched me and the most beautiful baby I have ever seen appeared on the screen in front of me.  My pain was instantly gone as I watched perfect arms and legs jerk in swatting and kicking motions.
"Is the baby okay?"
"Your baby is fine!  The problem isn't with your baby."

I cried.
Between the relief and seeing my baby for the first time, it was so wonderfully overwhelming.

The technician took her time showing me all of the arms and legs, the flickering heartbeat, the little face...  She told me she had figured out the gender and would I like to know?  I said yes, but I wanted my hubby to find out at the same time.  Pictures were printed and one was placed in an envelope to be opened later.

I was wheeled back into my room after being told the most likely culprit was my kidneys... more specifically, one or more kidney stones.

Andrew was waiting for me, pale and worried.  I was so excited about the baby that I forgot that he knew absolutely nothing about my condition and I blurted out that he needed to open the envelope and find out what our baby was!  The fear in his voice brought me back to earth and I explained to him what the problem was and watched his face flood with relief (though I could tell he was still quite worried about the pain I was in and the potential of surgery).

Then the moment came when he looked through the pictures, marveling at our child, and then opened the yellow envelope.

"It's a girl!"  he exclaimed.

Dear friends, this proud mama presents to you her BABY GIRL:  Serenity Faye.


We are over-the-moon.  We didn't care which gender we were having, but knowing is so amazing!!!  Calling her by name, planning a nursery with her in mind... it's beyond wonderful.

After finding out, I still had a few hours of pain ahead of me.  I ended up staying in the hospital on IV fluids (and continued pain meds) for 24 hours and did pass a kidney stone that night.  It was rough... but God allowed a bright light to shine through the pain of that day by letting us see our daughter for the first time!!!

First mother/daughter selfie!!!

I am now on a low-sodium diet and drowning in lemon juice... but I'm sure it will be worth it to try to keep more stones from forming.  REALLY don't want to go through that again.

18 weeks!!!
As of today I am 18 weeks along and had a wonderful midwife appointment this morning.  I am pretty much pain-free (yay!)!  Serenity is nice and big (about a week ahead... not enough difference to change the due date, but really encouraging to know she's growing well!).  I have gained back the weight I lost in the first trimester and FINALLY am putting on extra pounds (one of the few times in life when you're proud of gaining weight!).

Please continue praying!!!  My health is super important for this pregnancy to go well (obviously) and stress from pain is just no good.  Prayer for my new eating/drinking habits to help and for Miss Serenity to keep growing strong and beautifully into the little person God intends her to be would be so appreciated!
Thank you to those who have been praying.  It means the world to me!!!