Friday, November 20, 2015

in my life

right now life is

~ broken sleep and sweet baby-sighs as Serenity finally slumbers beside me
~ half-awake milky smiles after time nursing... one of my favorite things!
~ binge-watching Netflix while feeding Rennie
~ trying to keep the house clean
~ hot coffee and snuggles in the morning
~ listening to music (mostly Casting Crowns' hymn album or classical)
~ smelling like stale milk and hence:
~ getting a shower whenever I possibly can
~ trimming tiny baby fingernails... they are sharp!
~ diapers... lots of diapers  ;-)
~ playing music/singing with the hubby
~ making Thanksgiving plans
~ phone talks with my far-away family
~ seeing snow on the mountains and wishing for some whiteness here
~ reading little stories with my Renniebird and watching her smile when I sing!
~ falling in love more and more...
 with her
with Andrew
with my simple, little life.

It isn't easy... tight budgets, parenting, being a wife, being far from loved ones, being alone so much... but God has proven over and over His eternal faithfulness.  I may not know the plans He has, but He does... and they are marvelous and He is helping me to find joy in the waiting.  Even when I can't trust my own heart, I can trust His as it overflows with grace and love for me and my tiny family.
Sometimes that trust is all you have.
And it is enough.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

big families, little families

It has been a week since my family returned to Indiana.  One week of it just being our little family of three.  Also the first time I have spent my days with just Rennie since she was two weeks old (I cannot believe she will be eleven weeks old in a few days!).  Thankfully, I feel like our adjustment to this "new normal" is going pretty well!  Still, I miss my people like crazy!

The last six-ish weeks, my sister, Natalie, lived with us.  She was such an incredible blessing!  Having someone to talk to through the day (someone who knows me *so* well) was amazing!
While most days we just stayed home, there were times we went out as well... shopping, to visit Andrew's folks, and even to drive up a mountain for fun!

Otherwise we spent our time watching shows of Netflix, drinking coffee, talking, and eating no-bake chocolate/oatmeal bars by the pan!  ;-)

We also watched Rennie grow... a TON!  She now weighs about sixteen pounds and wears mostly 6-9 month clothing!  She is an absolute sweetheart and quite happy most of the time... except when her little nose is stuffy, which has been an occasional issue this last week.

When my family arrived, it was a whirlwind of first-meetings, hugs, kisses, and so-very-much joy!

My siblings were rather smitten with their niece.  It was so precious to watch them interact with her!  They took turns holding her and telling her stories.  One told to her by Daniel went like this:
"Once upon a time there was a castle. And there was a king and queen named Andrew and Rachel. And they had a baby called Serenity and she was the princess. Everyone loved her. The End... I told this story because Serenity is like a princess to me." 

*be still my heart!*

Auntie Bekah with "Sewenity"... I love that they are only five years apart (same as Natalie and me!)

One person Rennie quite obviously loved with my dad.  The minute she was in his arms she stared up at him, totally fascinated.  Over the next five days she always enjoyed when Papa was holding her, grinning and laughing when he would talk to her.

On Nov. 1st, we dedicated Serenity to the Lord with the support of our parents.  Together we promised to raise our daughter with Christ as the center of our lives; teaching her, guiding her, and loving her so that she sees the Lord in us and, by God's grace, comes to faith in Jesus as her Savior.  <3

My darling girl slept peacefully through church and then was a little darling through the afternoon as our families celebrated "Thanksgiving" together!

Hehe, love this bottom picture!  Jessie's fiance, Jacob, flew out to Utah to surprise her!  It was so great having him there for our family events!

On their last day here, we went to Zion National Park for some beautiful hiking.  I was quite exhausted afterwards (still working on having *any* endurance after this last year!), but the views were gorgeous and it was good to get some sunshine!

Cute soon-to-be-marrieds!

Rennie/Mommy snuggles!!!  My favorite!


*sigh*  I so love these people!  Our time together was far too brief, but we have February coming!  In the meantime, Skype is a lifesaver!

So we journey onward... this little family of three.  These next few months hold exciting, just-plain-fun plans!  I will continue to share as I am able!  Even now my "free time" is wrapping up as Rennie stirs from her nap.

Much love and hot coffee to you all!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

rennie-bird... two months

Where is the time going?

Today my little Serenity is two months old.  She is a chunk of sweetness, weighing over fifteen pounds already.  She has discovered her tongue and loves to smack it and stick it out.  She has also found her fingers and has figured out how to put them in her mouth.
She coos and giggles like crazy these days and is generally a very happy girl (especially when she's getting her diaper changed!).
Rennie loves to be held, especially by me.  ;-)  She's a night owl.  She seems to enjoy listening to music (good girl!!!).  She is becoming *so* expressive.  She has an adorable "fake cry" which usually appears a few minutes before the real ones... so nice of her to give me some warning!  :-)

*happy sigh*  I could just drown in her eyes... and her button nose gets kissed almost non-stop through the day. 

In less than two hours my family will be arriving!  My Dad and five of my siblings will be meeting Rennie for the first time.  I can't wait for us all to be together!!!  Time needs to stand still once they arrive.  

Hope you all have a wonderful remainder of your week!!