Thursday, July 2, 2015

nelipot... maternity outfit

nelipot ---- (n.) one who walks barefoot

"Dreamer" Blouse ~  Walmart
Gray Cami ~ Walmart
Black Maxi Skirt ~ Walmart
Bird Nest Necklace ~ crafted by me

Again, I find myself posting outdated pictures (pregnancy-wise).  This is Serenity and me at 29 weeks, so these pics are now two weeks old.  Oops!

Anyways!  I love this blouse!  It is so *Rachel*.  Flowy, floral...  Just a happy shirt!
And, as you can see, the bottom half of this outfit is one of my ever-faithful maxi skirts.  Surprise, surprise!

A very comfortable and fun outfit for those casual days.  :-)

I know this picture was in my last post... but I just had to share it again.  I have SO missed having Natalie as my official outfit-posts photographer!  I've also really missed just being around her amazing self (same with my whole family).  What an incredible gift to be able to do these pics with her!  Love you, Nat!!!

Happy July, my friends!  After a pretty low-key week so far, I have music-team practice this evening (subbing in).  Friday I have a teeny bit of cooking to do for the 4th.  Then on Saturday Andrew and I are going shopping and spending the evening with his family (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles... etc... awesome group!).  THEN on Sunday I will be playing on worship team and Andrew will be preaching.  Prayers for us both (but especially for Andrew as he teaches God's Word) would be wonderful!!!  We desire pure hearts before God... never to be motivated by impressing others with performance, but only to glorify the Lord.  Thanks in advance!!!

What are you looking forward to this month?  I am looking forward to the family get-together and hearing my hubby preach this weekend, my first baby shower next Friday, and a camping trip coming at the end of the month (hopefully pregnancy will stay perfectly normal so there are no problems with me going).  These weeks are flying!!!


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

life's treasures

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I recently spent ten glorious days in my dear Indiana with my beloved family.

Andrew wasn't able to come this time (which was *really* not fun for us!).  The weekend before I flew out he took me on TWO dates!  One on Friday night to watch Jurassic World (loved it!) and one out for a nice lunch on Saturday!  Between a tight budget with a baby on the way and me not always having tons of energy, we don't go out on "official" dates very often.  This was such a fun treat for us both!  I so love dating my hubby!

By Monday evening, I was in my old house with the best people on the planet (with the exception of Andrew, of course!).  We had to keep our plans simple because of bad flooding in the surrounding areas (plus some intense storms!), but that didn't stop us from having an absolute blast!

One AWESOME thing we did was attend my sister's piano recital!  Being so far away, I miss out on a lot of stuff like this.  How wonderful to be able to hear Sammie play (she did incredibly!) and be there to support her!

Isn't she beautiful???  Check out her amazing Rapunzel hair, by the way!

We were all able to celebrate Father's Day together along with my wonderful grandparents!  It might be a while till I see Pop and Nana again, so being together for a couple days was SO good (and it gave Nana the chance to buy a few adorable gifts for Serenity with me!  Rennie happens to be the first great-grandchild on my side of the family... so they are just a little excited!).

My dad got his first "Grandpa" shirt (little gift from Serenity).  <3

Yeah... we are goofballs.

Most of our days were spent sitting on my parent's front porch talking, drinking coffee (at home AND at beautiful local shops), and watching some of our favorite movies.  We also worked together to do a special music piece at church (oh, how I miss singing with my family!!!).  

Another super-awesome thing that happened was Jessie's beau, Jacob, coming to spend a few days with us!  My big-sister-ness wants Jessie to stay too young for relationships forever... but this guy is pretty great.  He loves the Lord so much and is doing a really good job of making my sister happy.  We've become good friends over our two visits and that is a wonderful blessing!

And when I complained about how much I was craving pancakes, his first response was a set up a midnight outing to IHOP.  *brownie points!... or pancake points... either way!*

This visit was so beautiful... God kept the days from going *too* quickly (though, once it was over, it still seemed too fast).  It is hard seeing how much my siblings change between our visits (especially the four youngest!).  Josh is now fifteen (gasp!) and as tall as me... Samantha is becoming more mature and so kind-hearted... Daniel is getting way too tall and is so energetic and adventurous... Bekah... the clock just needs to stop with her and let me breathe in her incredible sweetness.

Love is so beautiful.  It can also break your heart.  It hurts me so much that to be with the man I love more than anyone else I have to be away from these dear ones.  Love means sacrifice.  And I know my family makes big sacrifices too as they wholeheartedly support Andrew and me (and Serenity) as our own family.  I am so thankful for their love-that-never-stops-giving.  Even though it is painful, we would all so much rather have this love than not.  Even if some people don't understand how we work... our dynamic... it's okay.  That just shows how special it is.  :-)
If the Lord brings us to thought, please be praying.  The next time my family sees me, Serenity will be here.  My mom and Natalie will be coming out mid-September (when she is probably a couple of weeks old, depending on when she arrives!), but the rest of my family won't meet her till November.  I have two baby showers to attend without them... I will be giving birth without my mom with me (something we never anticipated)... It is hard for us all.  BUT we have to keep trusting the Lord's timing in all of this.  He keeps teaching us all that His plans are always better, even if they aren't carried out the way we expected.  And, on a light note, the next time I see them I WILL HAVE A BABY!!!  How amazing is that?!!!

Seriously... what a blessed time this was!  It is one of those times to be stowed in my treasure box of memories.  So very thankful!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

memories in pink... maternity outfit

Pink Blouse ~ Thrift
White Camisole ~ Walmart
Gray Skirt ~ Thrift
White Flip-flops ~ Walmart
Rosebud Headband ~ Claires
Owl Necklace ~ Walmart

I can't say it enough:  I LOVE MAXI SKIRTS.

This spring/summer they have been a life-saver as my body continues to change.  They are so soft, so forgiving, and (most importantly right now) so stretchy!!!  

These pictures are from before my trip to Indiana (I think I was a little over 27 weeks when these were taken).  I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear that my trip was absolutely beautiful and I returned home safely yesterday.  My next couple of posts will most definitely be including pictures from those ten days with my wonderful family.

I've actually worn this shirt and skirt together for an outfit post before... nearly two years ago.  And I was pregnant then too.  It was bitter-sweet looking at the older pictures since they were taken only about a week before I lost my first baby.  BUT, it is also so beautiful to see how much has changed since then.  My heart still aches for Promise, but, even as my eyes fill with tears at the thought of how short my time was with my precious child, this second beautiful baby is squirming inside of me.  My sweet daughter, Serenity, is such a gift.  She isn't a replacement... she is her own special person, different and equally wondrous... but she is indeed a healing balm to my heart.
If you'd like to read the original post for this outfit, here it is! And please rejoice with me!  I am crying as I write these words... partly missing my child in heaven, but also so grateful for this undeserved, gracious gift of the little girl I am now carrying.  <3

Soooo.... it is getting very hot here.  Almost 110 yesterday, which is rather uncomfortable for this gal.
These days I am layering is little as possible (though finding tops/dresses that don't need some extra coverage up top or, at least with blouses, extra length on the bottom is a bit difficult at times).  I will definitely continue to post outfit pictures whenever possible!  Hopefully it has been fun for you ladies (whether or not you've ever been pregnant!) to see how I'm styling my bump.  Even with the obstacles I've faced, I am truly enjoying it!

Any update on my pregnancy would be this:  I'm BIG... I am currently measuring 31 weeks (which, thankfully, isn't enough ahead to be concerned about... Rennie Faye is just a big, happy baby!)... I am loving anything airy and vintage-style when it comes to baby clothes/accessories/nursery decor (I'm guessing that doesn't surprise you all... if you want to see my style inspiration for her, you can check out my Pinterest board for her here!)... Serenity's heartbeat is nice and strong (as are her kicks)... I am sore quite a lot these days and, yes, sometimes can't see my ankles from all of the swelling (thankfully things like taking a cold shower, keeping my feet elevated, and drinking more fluids help with that a lot)... We now have a glider and crib!!!  We are planning on having her sleep right next to us (pretty much making the crib an extension of our bed) since I will be night-nursing quite a bit (I know I haven't shared much about our decisions when it comes to delivery, feeding, infant care, etc... if you are curious, feel free to ask!).  All in all, we are so excited and are soaking up what remains of this pregnancy!  Can't believe that she will be here in 10-ish weeks!!!  *attempts a happy dance which ends up looking more like a weird waddle-sway and starts laughing and snorting at how silly I must look* 

I hope you have all had a beauteous week, my friends!  Today is a "down day" for me since yesterday was so crazy with traveling and I also had my 30-week midwife appointment this morning.  The next thing on my "to do" list for today is to walk gently on my treadmill while re-watching episodes from Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.   :-D