Friday, January 29, 2016

renniebird... five months

Oh, little button, slow down!

This sweet love turned five months old yesterday.  Every day she grows in size, beauty, and sweetness!

At five months, Serenity:

weighs over twenty-one pounds
wears twelve-month clothes
is ticklish
giggles so hard she snorts
has found her feet
can scoot her walker
doesn't know what to think about bath time
sees something she wants and GRABS it (daddy's beard is a favorite)
likes watching her nails being trimmed
has TWO teeth (front bottom)
wants everything to be in her mouth
loves the sound of crinkling paper or plastic bags
gives amazing, sloppy kisses (be still my heart!)

Andrew and I continue to be utterly smitten and fall deeper in love with her each moment.  Rennie definitely has her grumpy times (erm... days), but just one smile or some sleepy snuggles makes everything worthwhile.  

Hope you have all had a blessed week, my friends!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

mamabird life {one}

my daughter change almost daily.  sunlight and snow on the mountains.

coffee.  recently-shampooed hair.

to Christmas music.  I'm just not ready to be done.  *please, no judgement!*

that I am truly blessed and there really are *much* worse things than drool stains on my shoulders.  ;-)

the tardis to be real.

I could live several places at once OR that all of my loved ones lived within an hour of each other.

waaaaay too much about future baby names.  with no idea about how many children we will be gifted, I try not to dwell on it... but names are so FUN!  plus the hubby and I rarely like the same names, so it is good to be prepared.

at my mind.  how it works, how it responds.  what it retains (random plot lines from that one movie I watched years ago) and what it instantly forgets (names and what I was going to cook for supper!).

sleepers for Renniebird.  she is growing so quickly (though slowing down a bit now, thankfully).  she has outgrown most of what was gifted to us, so now Andrew and I are realizing just how expensive a child can be.  ;-)  
*holding back a rant about how children's clothes should NOT cost the same as adult clothes since they are quite a bit smaller!*

songs from my childhood plus a random selection of whatever pops into my brain!

warm socks, comfy home-clothes, no makeup on weekdays (which has been doing wonders for my skin!), and lots of chapstick (it is dryyyyyy here)!

tired, happy, restless, emotional.  many things and usually all at the same time.

Bible.  hopefully adding some new reading material soon.  i miss it!

february.  seeing my family for the first time in four months.  <3

firstly, the start of this new series "mamabird life".  secondly, quite honestly, also quite happy to not need a creative title every single time i post a small life update or pictures!  ;-)
lastly, this quote:
"children are not a distraction from more important work.
they are the most important work."
c.s. lewis


Thursday, January 14, 2016

mama love the coffee... outfit post

Plaid Shirt ~ Costco (who woulda thunk?)
White Camisole (turned nursing cami by me) ~ Walmart
Jeans ~ Walmart
Rose and Pearl Necklace ~ hmmm... Walmart?
Moccasins ~ Ross

Adorable Paris and Birds Mug ~ Ross
Yep, the coffee mug is part of the outfit!  ;-)

Love Andrew's reflection in these pics!
He told me after taking them that he'd managed to make an appearance in my next blog post!

This is a *real life* outfit for me.  It is a combination of prettiness, comfort (a MUST), and practicality (nursing-friendly!).
My favorite styles these days are either button up or loose/flowy blouses.  Both styles make for easier feedings with my ever-growing Renniebird.  And, quite honestly, that is the #1 priority when I choose my outfits these days.
I *do* want to start posting outfits more often, but (again, under the "quite honestly" category) there are many days when I just wear sweats and big cardigans around the house.  Sometimes I enjoy doing myself up a bit even when I'm not going to leave the house, but that doesn't happen as often as in my pre-mom days.  ;-)

I found this shirt at Costco (I know, right?) while I was still pregnant (thinking it would be a good post-pregnancy shirt) and so far I really like it.  It is super-soft and I love how feminine the colors are.  This one layer is about perfect for the too-warm-to-be-winter weather here in southern Utah.

One piece of advice about buying for a post-pregnancy wardrobe: don't do much of it while you're still pregnant!  :-P  Thankfully, this shirt ended up working, but I was in NO WAY prepared for how differently clothing would fit in these post-partum days!  If you're friends with me on facebook, you'll have had a glimpse of the journey I've been going through with embracing my new form.  My goal is to be healthy and perhaps lose some of this baby weight, but even moreso to embrace whatever shape I have in the present moment.  I commented to Andrew the other day about "if I'd only known how thin I was pre-baby and just loved myself while it lasted!" and his response was: "Don't say that.  Don't wish you looked like you did then.  Someday you may say that you wished you'd known how small you were after your first baby!  Be happy with yourself right now."

Just have to point out what a wonderful husband I have.  I am truly cherished.  <3

Life as a wife and mom! continues to be the most incredible chapter of my life yet.  I haven't slept through the night in over 5 months (that's including the terrible insomnia I had at the end of my pregnancy).  My body is adjusting to broken sleep though, so I'm not the zombie I used to be.  :-P  I am usually covered in spilled food (eating while holding a squirming baby has its challenges) and spotted with drool (Miss Rennie is teething and has become a living faucet!), hence dressing more simply at home.  I have been watching (and re-watching) many of my favorite TV shows... for the non-nursers in this group, nursing means lots of time sitting!  And since I don't have any other kiddoes to chase around, I will admit to enjoying quite a bit of Netflix recently.  ;-)  I *do* want to start reading more when Serenity is sleeping.  Any suggestions?

Thank you to those who took the survey!  Your input was very encouraging!  For those who missed it, I WILL be keeping it open for a few more days.  Just click here!

Much love!