Sunday, July 8, 2018

full to overflowing

Nearly three weeks ago, our precious Haven Rose made her whirlwind arrival into our lives.  After a short but intense labor (less than two hours), our second daughter was placed in my arms.  Our hearts are bursting with love for this sweet new child as we learn her and bond.  All is going relatively smoothly so far as we adjust to being a family of four.  Rennie completely adores her little sister.  I will definitely be sharing more of this chapter of life soon, but things are quite a bit busier these days so blogging hasn't been a priority.  My recovery is going pretty smoothly so far (only a few tiny hiccups along the way).  Thank you all so much for praying throughout my pregnancy.  We definitely covet continued prayers as we raise our precious daughters.  <3  So, till I can find some time for a better life update, here are pictures to tide you all over!  :-D  Many blessings!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

bedroom for three (soon four!)

Many people seem surprised by the fact that Rennie still room-shares with Andrew and me.  For us, several factors have made this the best option.  First, we really don't mind and enjoy having her close by at night.  Second, the only other bedroom in our house is up a flight of hard, wooden stairs.  Third, she definitely isn't ready emotionally to be *that* far from us.  If our bedroom setup was different, we might do things differently, but honestly I'm not sure.  This has worked excellently for our family so far and we hope to keep Rennie with us even after Haven arrives.

Featured in this picture: an amazing pregnancy pillow my sister has let me borrow.  Seriously, it has been a lifesaver!

Our bedroom is 9x13, so you'd think things would be insane.  Really though, it isn't.  Our small closet holds all of Andrew's and my hanging clothes, plus baby blankets and shoes.  All of his and my folded clothes fit in our wardrobe quite easily.  Rennie and Haven each have their own dressers (Rennie's is by her bed and Haven's is by the door).  All of the girls' hanging clothes are in a small closet right across from our bedroom.

We've tried to be clever with our storage in this room... hence the wall-mounted jewelry box and cute basket on the other dresser to hold diapers and such.  As I've mentioned before, we also opted for a bedframe that sits higher and doesn't need a boxspring.  TONS of extra storage under our bed (yes, it's king-size)!  Plus we also have a laundry hamper hanging on the back of our door.

One addition to our bedroom since I last shared pictures is Rennie's toddler bed.  My parents were still holding onto one and are generously letting us use it.  Since our plan is to either co-sleep with Haven or at least leave that option open, we felt the safest choice was to transition Rennie into a sleeping space of her own (this happened very early during pregnancy).  After the first couple nights (which took some head-rubbing, singing, and hand-holding) she adjusted wonderfully.  <3

Another update has been this gorgeous botanical bedspread I found on amazon.  Because our bedroom is small, I like to keep things light and airy to maximize space.  I'm utterly in love with the look of our room right now.  *happy sigh*

What style and size is your bedroom space?  What colors do you like?  My favorites are definitely light grays and nature-inspired hues.  Do you prefer pictures and decor everywhere or a minimal look with touches of cozy?

Many blessings, my friends!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

home stretch

Yesterday was one month till my due date.  OH MY HEAD.  The days have dragged but the months have flown.  Funny how that works.  Tomorrow I start my weekly midwife appointments till Haven Rose's arrival.  I'm so ready, honestly.  If I thought my physical/emotional issues during Rennie's pregnancy were difficult, this time around has made the past feel like a walk in the park.