Saturday, October 3, 2015

entering october

As October begins I can scarcely believe how much has happened in the last month.  These pictures are sneak-peaks into the last four weeks.  They have been so exhausting and overwhelming, but also so beautiful and priceless.

Having a baby changes everything.
There is an emotional journey as well as a physical one.
There are sleepless nights and then not wanting to sleep once your baby finally does because it is just so amazing watching her chest rise and fall.
There is having to time leaving the house with how recently she's been nursed (and then *still* needing to find a place to nurse her in Walmart... not fun...).
There are public blow-outs.  Nothing like changing a poopie diaper (and outfit!) in the Costco bathroom as your infant screams.
There is crying, quite randomly and with much gusto, by mother and baby both!

But it is also such a wonderful time.

So, to go along with these pictures from September, here are sneak-peaks into those sweet moments that make this time in my life so lovely.

Rennie at 2 weeks!

~  Rennie learning me... my voice, my face... how her expression changes when I draw her close to me.  I have never experienced someone needing me the way she does.

~  Baby smiles and laughter.  Yes, she is learning how to laugh and it is the sweetest sound I have ever heard!  And her huge, toothless grins are the cutest!

~  Morning coffee with my sis while my little girlie nurses or sleeps.  I have loved having another adult in the house constantly.  Having someone to talk to has helped ward off those baby-blues I have felt myself struggling with.

~  Playing with Serenity's hair!  Oh my goodness, her head of hair is amazing!  It can look quite exciting (aka, wildly-unkempt) at times, but it is lovely all the same.

~  Seeing Rennie pack on the pounds!  Since I am solely breast-feeding, it is so encouraging to see my baby gain weight.  The rolls on her arms and legs are adorable and she already weighs over twelve pounds!

~  Watching Andrew hold her.  They are my two favorite people and they make such a perfect pair!  :-)

~  Long talks with my mom... she was able to be here for about a week last month and it was incredible!  And since she is only five years out from having a newborn herself, she is a fountain of wisdom in that area.  Plus she brought home "pie pillows" from the local grocery... so much happiness!

~  Listening to my dad's sermons online.  I know I'm supposed to be a grown-up, but I will never stop missing my dad.  Being able to hear his voice and sit under his teaching even from across the country is so neat!  Very thankful sometimes for modern technology.

Serenity at 3 weeks!

~  Lovely outings for Mexican food.  Seriously.  FRIED TACOS!

~  Sitting by a mountain lake.  I am easily overwhelmed right now, so going somewhere secluded is the perfect balance of getting us out of the house but still not being in noisy, hectic places.  PLUS it makes for a good opportunity for some impromptu family pics.

~  Soft clothes.  I am living in them (yes, that usually means pj's).  It's just that time of life right now.  It is fun to occasionally put on some more outside-of-the-house-proof items and do my face and hair... but right now I am truly loving my pajamas, air-dried hair, and makeup-less face.  ;-)

~  Crock Pot Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  We are continuing to tweak the recipe... but it is still pretty awesome!

~  Snuggles with my little family.  I just love the three of us all in bed together, close enough to hear each breath.  It feels so right.  After our wait to become parents, it is so sweet to continue welcoming the changes our daughter brings.  Sometimes it is hard... like last night when she wouldn't stop crying for almost an hour, no matter how we comforted her... but then there are those *tremendous* moments like waking up in the morning to a baby nuzzled up beside me on one side and my dear hubby on the other.  <3

~  Letting myself not be pressured.  Our culture wants new moms to bounce back as soon as humanly possible.  And I am rebelling against that (partially because I've had to with how my body has been handling this recovery-from-childbirth-thing!).  Between a very fast (and really rough at the end) delivery, extremely high blood pressure, tumultuous emotions, almost fainting at times for a few weeks, having to be on antibiotics, and many other things that I will you spare you from reading, I have had no desire to be the "tough woman".  Thankfully I am feeling stronger each week and have been able to go grocery shopping (yeah... that's when two of her massive diaper blow-outs happened!).  With Natalie's help, I have also begun treadmill-walking again.  I've lost about half of my pregnancy weight (I gained A LOT during my pregnancy, despite eating well except for treating myself and gentle workouts) but can already see how my body will probably never be quite the same again.  Thankfully it was for the best cause EVER.  ;-)

So, what does October bring for me? 

Hopefully going to church for the first time since Rennie's arrival.
My entire family coming to stay for a week.
Gaining more strength and figuring out an easy (and healthy) eating/snacking style.
TONS of snuggling with my sweet girl!
Our six-week checkup with the midwife (the last one!).
Perfecting of the homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte!  (Of course!)

Hope you have all had a marvelous September!  What are you looking forward to in this next month?


Monday, September 28, 2015

one month

My darling girl is one month old!

Serenity has turned my world completely upside down (hence the lack of blog posts!  My apologies...).  She is an absolute joy.  She loves snuggles and is learning how to laugh!  Her favorite times of the day are definitely when she is nursing.  ;-)  I am utterly, hopelessly in love.

A few of my favorite things this last month of my life are 

~ smiles and cuddles with my daughter
~ watching my hubby care for her
~ hot coffee with eggs and toast in the morning
~ our new rocking chair
~ the time my mom spent here earlier this month
~ my sis, Natalie, *still* being here!

And there are many other things... but Rennie is waking up and needing me!  ;-)

Thank you for continuing to follow my blog!  Hope you enjoy these pics and the small update!  As time goes by I hope to post more often.  Much love to you, my readers!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

when hopes are fulfilled

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."
Proverbs 13:12

She is here.

On August 28th at 6:47am, after less than seven hours of labor, our dreams came true as a squirming baby girl with a full head of dark hair was placed on my chest.  She cried loudly and then fell asleep, her arms wrapped around me as if to hug and claim me.
She came by surprise.  One week early.

I will probably share her birth story later, but for now I will simply share these picture-snippets of our life this last week.  We are smitten.  We cry at random moments out of sheer joy.  We are exhausted.  We are so excited as we learn our daughter; her expressions, her voice, her heartbeat.

We are so thankful.

Serenity Faye
August 28th, 2015
9 lbs 4 oz
21 in
for this child we prayed...