Monday, July 28, 2014

seeing, dreaming, living...


Seeing… much work to do; laundry to finish, suitcases to put away, lunch to be made.

Hearing... fans blowing and the clicking of my typing.  It is a quiet day so far.

Smelling.... the lingering scents of breakfast: eggs and toast.
Needing... Skype-time with my family.  Also coffee.

Wanting... supper to magically appear this evening.  ;-)
Feeling... tired from our crazy weekend of camping in the mountains!  Also quite content at being home today.

Wishing... people could teleport.

Thinking... that I should make coffee soon or I won't get anything done today.  One of the joys of my personality is needing major do-nothing time after several days of activity.  :-D

Laughing... with my mom on the phone this morning over goofy "If you pause a Disney movie" pictures.

Recovering... from having almost no sleep over the weekend.  I think I like tent camping... except for the whole "camping in a tent" part.  :-P  Okay, okay, it was actually fun... I'm just sleep-deprived.

Believing... God will help me to reach out of my comfort zone.  And learn to love my life more, even the hard stuff.

Anticipating... a week of revamping (physically, mentally, emotionally) .

Dreaming... of mountains and giant dandelions (I promise to explain that sometime).

Praying... for contentment until I am able to move forward.

Reading... "The Nesting Place", "Red" (slowly, but surely), and the gospel of John.

Singing... "Beautiful, Scandalous Night", any random song from Shrek - The Musical, and every so often "Titanium" (Natalie, I miss singing this with you and playing around with those haunting harmonies).

Wearing... hehe... pajama shorts (sporting Grumpy from Snow White) and one of Andrew's over-sized t-shirts.  I slept in today...

Preparing... plans for the supper that refuses to magically appear.  Thanks to my mom's help, I have an idea (seasoned chicken, brown rice, and roasted veggies).

Remembering... standing under the stars on a mountain.  Friends, it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! 

Loving... re-watching Psych episodes
Texting... my dad as he starts a week of camp ministry!
Considering... having Andrew trim my hair.  Don't worry, he's done it before without any disastrous results.  ;-)
Reducing... the amount of junk food I consume.  This weekend was an utter failure when it came to being healthy.  And I still have chocolate muffins in the fridge calling my name.  Hey, one of those would go great with my coffee!

Longing... for October.

Recognizing... that I still have so much to learn, that I am so weak when I count only on myself.

Smiling... because God has chosen me, blessed me, and continues to love me.  Because life is always beautiful, even when it isn't what we expect.



Thursday, July 24, 2014

awesome and oh-so-awkward

~ awe ~
Living with a mountain view!  These pictures don't even come close to capturing the beauty surrounding me!  Even driving around town, usually at least one mountain is visible.  I am so not used to this!  I'm feeling my flat-lander upbringing.  ;-)
~ awk! ~
Walking outside of my house with my laptop, while doing a Skype-tour of my new home with my family, to show off my yard... only to discover I had locked myself outside... on my first day living here!!!  After my family made some phone calls from Indiana to my in-laws in Nevada who then called people in my area (while I was on Facebook desperately messaging people!), I was finally rescued by my new pastor.  Yes, it was my first time seeing him since our one-and-only meeting over two years ago.  I introduced myself as "Rachel Ditz-J".  Thank goodness, my new pastor is a good sport and just sees me as "real" instead of a total air-head.  ;-)
~ awe ~
Coffee with Anikkia.  Those three words, and the wonderful times they represent, mean so much to me as I settle into this new life.  Not only is the local coffee shop incredibly sweet (with a beautiful view!), Anikkia has been a soothing balm to my soul.  A brand new life can be scary, but new friends can make it so worthwhile!
~ awk! ~
When the bread platter was passed in front of me during Sunday communion in the exact same moment when I really needed to sneeze!
Friends, I just barely held it in at the great risk of my brain possibly exploding.

~ awe ~
Afternoons at home with Andrew.  Seriously, after two years of never knowing when my hubby will be home from work, I am loving the time with him each day!  His work shift starts super early (which is hard for us since we are both night owls and now he has to go to bed earlier than he'd like), but we now have about 3:30pm through bedtime together!!!
~ awk! ~
Andrew coming home one afternoon, me walking up for his "welcome home" kiss, only to see shock wash over his face as he stared off into our living room.
"What's wrong, hon?"
"What is that on my computer screen?!!!"
I then looked over to see that I had paused a Sherlock episode on his screen.  That wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't (without even noticing!) paused it on a close-up shot of another computer screen showing the words "Hacking Detected".
Poor Andrew... he was really freaked out for a moment!
~ awe ~
The sermons at our new church.  My heart has been pierced every single week.  My soul is so blessed by the pastor here and the truth he preaches each Sunday. 
Also, I have so enjoyed the occasional Sunday lunches with friends from church.  How lovely to have that fellowship and laughter.
~ awk! ~
Talking with someone after church, while being quite expressive with my hands/arms, and nearly whacking the pastor's son, Dillon, in the face as he walked by me!!!  Thankfully he ninja-ducked and avoided any injury.  :-P
~ awe ~
Getting to know Kendra and Samantha, two wonderful ladies from Andrew's amazing group of Utah-friends!  These young women have been so welcoming and loving toward me.  Coffee-dates-that-turn-into-ice-cream-dates-because-the-only-local-coffee-shop-is-closed are the best!
~ awk! ~
Oh, that moment when you turn a corner in the grocery store and nearly run over an elderly man!  I must have turned all shades of red as I apologized, to which he responded, "No problem, kiddo!". 
I seriously can't remember the last time someone called me that!  :-)
~ awe ~
Finding some adorable vintage-style jewelry at Walmart!  I found a set of three necklaces, each on gold chains with different charms: a mint-colored bow, a pale rose, and a golden owl.  *happy squeal*  I also found a cute bracelet and some rings.  Since leaving the Midwest (and with that, my beloved Meijer and Gordmans), I am still discovering which stores I will want to frequent for clothing and accessory shopping.  I'm sure I will share more about that in future clothing posts.  :-)
~ awk! ~
Dealing with the heat!!!  Not just the discomfort, oh no, but also the sweat stains (so feminine, huh?) and makeup doing funky things.  I have found myself watching films that take place in the winter just to make myself feel a little bit cooler.  Thankfully it will only be so hot for another 4-6 weeks... at least that's what everyone tells me.
~ awe ~
A sunrise fishing trip with Andrew and Amanda.  The lake was so beautiful in the cool of the morning.  It was a bit treacherous for me climbing around on the rocks (flatlander here, remember?), but it is a beautiful location and so peaceful.
~ awk! ~
A sunrise fishing trip with Andrew and Amanda... after the sun rises.  More sweat stains!  :-P
 ~ awe ~
Beginning piano lessons with Cassidee.  One of the young ladies in my church wants to learn how to play guitar chords on the piano before going back to Bible School.  We've only had one lesson so far, but it was such a lovely time for me, talking about music (and many other things!) and teaching her something that I enjoy!  Plus, she is super lovely and sweet.  Such a good time!
~ awk! ~
Trying to get used to Costco... seriously, balancing not knowing where everything is, the crazy cart-traffic, and free food samples should require special training!  It is really a neat store, but I have never done well in crowded/hectic places, so I end up like a deer in the headlights.  I think I've only caused one or two "traffic jams" so far...

~ awe ~
Planning to go camping this weekend!  Several churches here do a camp ministry together (it is on a mountain!) and one of the special things they do over one weekend is "family camp".  I'm so excited to spend the weekend with Andrew's (and now my!) friends and family.  I'm sure pictures from our trip will follow soon.
~ awk! ~
How extremely easy it is to come up with awkward things I've done.  ;-)

There you have it: my recent perks and quirks! 
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Saturday, July 19, 2014


In the car heading to church last Sunday
Take it slow and give your soul a change to catch up with your body.
Why is it that the day we should be all the more focused on God we are bombarded by self-consciousness and/or self-conceit?
Far too many times I have spend the moments I should be preparing my heart stressing about how my hair turned out or what I should wear.  So often I worry about what others may think of my singing voice during music instead of openly worshiping.  I compare myself to others, physically and spiritually, when I could simply be loving them.
A few weeks ago a lady came up to me and told me that she thought I was beautiful, but that I also had that Christ-shine about me.  I was so humbled... even now I know I can never deserve such a compliment.  There I was, wondering if my clothes flattered me or if anyone thought I looked as awkward as I felt physically, being the tall girl that I am in a place filled with more average-to-petite sized women, and a sweet lady who I didn't know thought I was shining from the inside out with the light of my Savior.
*spiritual knife to the heart*
Oh, to be so focused on Christ that all of my own insecurities (and vanities) fell away into the abyss where they belong.
So I challenge myself, and my readers, this Sunday to embrace the Lord fully.  When you dress yourself (or even put on your makeup), don't think about who to impress... just dress yourself for your own happiness (I always encourage modesty too, of course).  When you sing, don't worry about early-morning voice-cracking... just sing to the one who gave you your voice.  When you look at others, don't see their strengths as your weaknesses (or vice versa)... see sinners like you who have been redeemed; beautiful creations to love.
Still your mind from stresses, look to what is real, true, and eternal.