Friday, July 11, 2014

beneath the blue sky

Light Blue Blouse ~ Gordmans
Black Skirt ~ Thrift Store
Blue Shoes ~ Walmart
Clip-on Earrings ~ Claire's

Now this is a face I miss seeing!  Before I left Indiana, I took some outfit pictures of my gorgeous sis, Natalie.

I love Natalie's style.  She is very much her own person with her fashion-sense.  While for some that means wild patterns and multi-colored locks, Natalie's style is very simple and classic.

I just love how feminine, soft, and all-around-pretty this outfit is!  From the flowing blue blouse to the simple diamond earrings, this outfit flatters Natalie's figure, skin, and features beautifully.  And seriously, isn't her hair lovely like this???

*such a gorgeous smile!*

I love posting outfits that my sisters have worn, as it gives such wonderful variety to the styles clothing-wise on this blog and because, to put it simply, my style isn't for everyone!  People have different coloring, love of color, body types, and convictions. 

And truly, it is a wonderful thing that we can have differences from each other while still holding to a high standard of modesty.

Like me, like Natalie, and like all women who have believed in Jesus Christ, YOU have the freedom to express yourself in a beautiful way!  It can be through art, music, writing, etc... and it is always shown in how we present ourselves, how we treat people, and how we use our lives to glorify Christ.

Note of encouragement today: free yourself from what you think others expect you to look like or act.  Focus and what GOD wants from you!  When you start caring more about what God thinks of your life, your dress, your habits, and your character, a new world opens before you. 
And, my dear friends, that world is oh-so beautiful!


PS.  Thank you, Natalie for letting me use these pics!  You are stunning, as always.  I love you and miss you like crazy!


Marianela said...

That is a beautiful blouse, and I simply love her hairstyle. ;)

Great post, Rachel!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Beautiful girl and outfit!
(Great ending message as well!)
I think as a fashion blogger, I have a harder time doing that! I constantly have to remind myself to be ME and not who other people think I am.
A modest fashion blog: