Monday, July 28, 2014

seeing, dreaming, living...


Seeing… much work to do; laundry to finish, suitcases to put away, lunch to be made.

Hearing... fans blowing and the clicking of my typing.  It is a quiet day so far.

Smelling.... the lingering scents of breakfast: eggs and toast.

Needing... Skype-time with my family.  Also coffee.

Wanting... supper to magically appear this evening.  ;-)

Feeling... tired from our crazy weekend of camping in the mountains!  Also quite content at being home today.

Wishing... people could teleport.

Thinking... that I should make coffee soon or I won't get anything done today.  One of the joys of my personality is needing major do-nothing time after several days of activity.  :-D

Laughing... with my mom on the phone this morning over goofy "If you pause a Disney movie" pictures.

Recovering... from having almost no sleep over the weekend.  I think I like tent camping... except for the whole "camping in a tent" part.  :-P  Okay, okay, it was actually fun... I'm just sleep-deprived.

Believing... God will help me to reach out of my comfort zone.  And learn to love my life more, even the hard stuff.

Anticipating... a week of revamping (physically, mentally, emotionally) .

Dreaming... of mountains and giant dandelions (I promise to explain that sometime).

Praying... for contentment until I am able to move forward.

Reading... "The Nesting Place", "Red" (slowly, but surely), and the gospel of John.

Singing... "Beautiful, Scandalous Night", any random song from Shrek - The Musical, and every so often "Titanium" (Natalie, I miss singing this with you and playing around with those haunting harmonies).

Wearing... hehe... pajama shorts (sporting Grumpy from Snow White) and one of Andrew's over-sized t-shirts.  I slept in today...

Preparing... plans for the supper that refuses to magically appear.  Thanks to my mom's help, I have an idea (seasoned chicken, brown rice, and roasted veggies).

Remembering... standing under the stars on a mountain.  Friends, it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! 

Loving... re-watching Psych episodes

Texting... my dad as he starts a week of camp ministry!

Considering... having Andrew trim my hair.  Don't worry, he's done it before without any disastrous results.  ;-)

Reducing... the amount of junk food I consume.  This weekend was an utter failure when it came to being healthy.  And I still have chocolate muffins in the fridge calling my name.  Hey, one of those would go great with my coffee!

Longing... for October.

Recognizing... that I still have so much to learn, that I am so weak when I count only on myself.

Smiling... because God has chosen me, blessed me, and continues to love me.  Because life is always beautiful, even when it isn't what we expect.


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Jennifer Allen said...

Miss you beyond measure...laughter was so good today...random phone time is the best!!! Skype soon?? Please???