Thursday, July 17, 2014

people-love... and blog survey!

I like people who have a sense of individuality.  I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect.  Because that's natural and that's real.
~ Unknown

The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, its tides and its depths; it has its pearls too.
~ Vincent van Gogh

I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul.  This world is so guarded and fearful.  I appreciate rawness so much.
~ Unknown

Allow beauty to shatter you regularly.  The loveliest people are the ones who have been burnt and broken and torn at the seams, yet still send their open hearts into the world to mend with love
again and again and again.
~ Victoria Erickson

I'm wearing the smile you gave me.

Sometimes you just have to share sweet, random quotes. 

Recently I've been trying to put a little extra work into my blog.  Mostly, that means posting more often.  *sheepish smile*  I've put together a quick survey for you, my treasured readers.  If you would be willing to go through it, I would love your feedback!  This blog is very much my online journal and I am determined to always be real and true to who I am in the pictures I share and words I write, but I also want to know how best to bless and encourage the people visiting this corner of mine.  "The Skies I'm Under Survey" will help me to know all of you better!  *hugs!*

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Jennifer Allen said...

Wonderful post! I so love the quotes you shared!!!