Thursday, July 31, 2014

new abode

Upon special request from certain friends (you know who you are!), I recently took pictures of our new Utah-house.  Decorating is still in process in the living room, but it is starting to feel like "our place" more and more.

I really like my new kitchen.  It is pretty spacious (comparable to my last kitchen) and gets good natural light from the sliding glass door in the dining room even through the closed blinds (I would have them open, but it gets too hot).  I have a great amount of cabinet space and have had fun with decorating.

This cabinet was hidden in my laundry room in our last apartment, now it is out shining in all of it's old-fashioned glory complete with white teapot!

There is an awkward corner jutting out of our dining room and connecting to the living room.  Since I can't leave a space empty and sad, this potential problem area is now a beautiful bookshelf and chalkboard-for-fantastic-words nook!  It might just be my favorite part of the house...

Our master bedroom is still in-the-works.  And having no comforter on the bed is due to heat, not housewife neglect.  ;-)

Our one-and-only bathroom.  Bird-themed, of course.

Second bedroom, doubling as a music room/sit-and-read-your-favorite-book room.  Andrew and I are working on our own version of Casting Crown's "At Your Feet" right now!  :-D

My creative juices went crazy with our eye-sore filing cabinet.  Add some vintage-goodness, little birds, and cool books.  No longer a problem!

Love my little shelves with random pretties.  The flowers are my wedding bouquet, the teacup is one I have owned for years, and the bird house was part of my autumn-décor haul last year (and it is hanging from a gorgeous "hook-thingie" that my mom was going to sell in a garage sale... I stole it).

To complete the look, I dragged in my old hope chest.  After giving it a thorough cleaning, I folded a few quilts and placed them on top.  Final touch?  Beautiful picture with J.R.R. Tolkien quote (bought on sale at Gordmans last year... have I mentioned recently that I miss Gordmans?).

Eventually more pictures of our house will appear... probably once I work up the energy to tackle the master bedroom and the third bedroom (which right now is serving as a storage unit!).

It can be hard sometimes to feel motivated to put tons of effort into a home that you know is temporary (either six months or a year), but I think it is still fun to experiment and find what looks you love best.  Having three homes in two years of marriage is certainly teaching me what I don't like and what I really love. 

What kind of decorating do you like?  My personal style is soft, vintage/antique, and woodland cottage (with a tiny bit of enchanted forest).



Anonymous said...

Yay! LOVE! "You know who are..." Yes, that was me. ;)

This really is a happy post and I love what you've done with your new home!

Jennifer Allen said...

Beautiful and sooooo you!!! Cozy, sophisticated, warm, inviting, tastefully simple and yet elegantly thought out!!! You've got great style my dear!!!