Monday, August 4, 2014

goodbye july

Oh, summer months.

Even though summer is, quite honestly, my least favorite season (I'm sorry... autumn, spring, and winter just have more perks!), there are still so many amazing and fun times to be had.

Andrew has been introducing me to the local wonders.  He is forcing this girl to be spontaneous.  Him coming home from work and saying, "Why don't you change and we go swimming?" isn't my favorite... but he still manages to ensure that I enjoy our excursions.

Besides, the locations here are unbelievably beautiful.

It's amazing how 110-degree weather can become suddenly pleasant (and even a bit brisk) after swimming in a lake!

What's even more amazing was the 40-degree temperature drop as we drove up through the mountains to family camp a little over a week ago.

Whether looking up to the peaks or down to the cities in the valley... the view was majestic.

*so much happiness here*

This camp is a three-day, two-night getaway that some families from about five churches attend.  There are meals together, worship services, and a volleyball tournament.

The elevation made breathing a bit tough for me (on top of my usual asthma issues), so Andrew and I kept our hiking to a minimum.  We did have one lovely walk down the "prayer trail"; a good chance to talk and enjoy the beauty surrounding us.

Tent camping... with which I have a love/hate relationship.

During a rainstorm that hit us, it was so neat to listen to the storm from inside the tent.  Sleeping turned out to be difficult.  ;-)

I had the chance to meet and talk with a few very neat people.  And watching these folks play volleyball... it is serious business!

The last day, Andrew presented me with a gigantic dandelion (I am holding it right next to my face, not closer to the camera at all)!  

I have discovered that big dandelions make me happy.  *grin*

So, yes.  July, you were good.  I bid you farewell.

Hello, August.  So far you have been windy and rainy... and I adore you for it!!!
You hold many things, dates I look forward to seeing... others, not so much.  May God give me the grace to embrace them all, trusting and hoping. 



Natasha Atkerson said...

The scenery is beautiful there!
Ugh-110! Not my idea of pleasant ;)

Leah K. Oxendine said...

This is random but I just wanted to say I /love/ that bird blouse! Wherever did you get it?