Wednesday, August 27, 2014

lacey days

Gray Lace-Striped Blouse ~ Meijer
Blue Maxi Skirt ~ Macy's
Silver Sandals ~ Walmart
Heart Locket ~ Gift
White Beaded Bracelet ~ Gift (antique shop)
Floral Owl Earrings ~ Walmart

I love lace.  Hehe, I don't know what else to say.  The story starts and ends there.  It is brilliant, feminine, and enchanting.
The End.

Okay, so more about this outfit (especially since lace takes up only a very small portion of it).  My shirt was a Meijer find before moving away (I MISS MEIJER!).  I don't wear stripes very often, but I loved the soft gray fabric of this shirt, along with the delicate fabric making the stripes.  It is incredibly comfortable and *bonus!* modest enough on it's own that I don't have to layer it unless I want too!  :-D

 I've had these shoes for years now... and I forgot about them until I found them in a random bin while unpacking!  One amazing thing about moving is you get to rediscover all of your stuff, whether it be clothes, books, or decorations!  It is so much fun!

My earrings were a Walmart find.  They are so happy and I just love the pretty detailing! 

I found this skirt at Macy's about two-ish years ago on sale for about $5 (score!).  It doesn't fit me *perfectly* but it definitely works in a pinch and I do love that it is long enough (some skirts hit me at that "awkward length" because of my height).  I don't wear it terribly often, but after seeing how this outfit turned out, that might be changing.

Lastly, I will mention my bracelet.  Ohhhh... special memories.  Back in Indiana, there is a small antique shop near where my family lives.  Every so often I would find wonderful treasures there (or my family would find them for me!).  This bracelet was a birthday gift from my Mum back before Andrew and I were married.  <3

 Hmmm... details about hair and makeup???  Well, I blew-dried my hair.  Yeah... that's it.  
Ummm... Makeup was my usual: small use of concealer, soft layer of powder foundation, light blush (perhaps bronzer on occassion), neutral eyeshadow (creamy pink, brown, and tan... purple if I'm feeling grand!), subtle eyeliner (sometimes... and either black or dark blue), black mascara, and chapstick (every so often topped with lipgloss the same tone as my natural lips).  Simple, soft, and pretty natural.

Thank you to those who have been praying about my kidney infection.  Some other things came up that have made my recovery rather sluggish.  I haven't left the house (or much left the couch) for a week now.  Continued prayers for my body to get back to normal would be so appreciated.  My energy is coming back... mostly mentally though and my body is rebelling against my mind.  It is a battle of my brain going "Hey... I think I'm feeling a bit better!" and my body replying "Haha, let's throw another stomach upset into the mix!".  My prescription meds are almost gone, so hopefully this is nearly over.

Well, peppermint tea is calling my name...  Blessings, friends!



Michaela Ferrar said...

I love this outfit, Rachel! Grey is always so classic. . .and lace just makes the world a better place. ;)

Livia Rachelle said...

My mom has that very top. She loves neutrals and she just loves Meijer's; she goes a little crazy for my little sisters with the summer dresses. It is funny how some people just love certain stores and other people (like me in this instance) cannot find anything for their style.

Rachel said...

Meijer sure had some good clothes--right now I'm actually wearing a skirt I bought there years ago. Your earrings are so cute!

Julia Ryan said...

Did you used to live in MI? (or Indiana?) I love Meijer too! We shop there all the time! :D

Rachel J said...

Indiana!!! I miss Meijer like crazy! :-P

Julia Ryan said...

I'm sure! I've told friends about Meijer before, and they have no idea what it is like! I always forget that Meijer is only in MI and Indiana! :D I wonder if they will branch out even farther?!

Rachel J said...

I would love it if they branched out... though it might take them a while to reach Utah. I can hope though!!

Julia Ryan said...

Hmmm..yeah, that could take a while.. I'm actually going to meijer Saturday, too bad I couldn't march up to the head manager and demand that they start a store in Utah. ;) If Fred Meijer was still alive I might have been able to do that. I actually saw Fred Meijer before! I almost spoke to him too, but being the shy 7 year old that I was, I didn't. ;)

Rachel J said...

Thanks for the sweet thought! Hopefully I'll be able to go to Meijer while I'm visiting my family. :-) How fun that you got to see him!

Julia Ryan said...

Oh, that will be fun! :) I hope you will have a wonderful trip. It was really neat to see him!