Saturday, August 30, 2014


Front door view... clouds rolling over the mountains

Even though the last week and a half has been physically difficult for me, there have still been these amazing nuggets of beauty.

1.  rainy days... I can't say it enough, rainy days in the desert are a whole new level of gorgeous

2.  friends that keep asking how I've been feeling, even though some of them are going through hard situations of their own... beautiful souls who shine Christ's love

3.  driving with my husband through mountain forests... exploring majestic locations Andrew hasn't seen since childhood

4.  date night; classic dinner and a movie

5.  laying in bed with Andrew, holding hands as we fall asleep

6.  saturday mornings, complete with strolling the community festival, sipping local coffee, and consuming giant cinnamon rolls (glad to have my stomach functioning in a closer-to-normal way again!)

7.  struggles that keep surfacing, but always coming back to the certainty that I can trust an unknown future to a known God

(adj.) describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted -- the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.

Life might be crazy and hard, but it is also unbelievably beautiful.


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