Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Dear friends, this corner of the country is rather swiftly working it's way into my heart.  The desert heat has been a struggle, but I need only hop in the car with Andrew and drive less than a half hour to escape into the cool, lush, glorious mountains.
I feel like Heidi (from the 1993 version starring Noley Thornton and Jane Seymour, of course), gazing at the wonder around me; feeling so small, yet so special in such a magical place.

I have as yet to work up the physical strength (between my asthma and other medical issues) to do any real hiking, but driving to these beautiful places, leisurely strolling the trails, and sitting, gazing, at such grand sights fills me with so much pleasure and peace.

There is truly nothing so serene as escaping to where it is only you, your travel-buddy, a soft breeze, and the scent of pine.  *contented sigh*

One thing that makes this place so special, apart from the obvious beauty, is that Andrew came here often as a small child to camp and fish with his family.
Listening to him reminisce, seeing his face light up and his body relax as he showed me places he had enjoyed as a boy, was so wonderful.  We can't wait to go camping here together and make fun new memories.

Even though I'm not the outdoorsy type (I love being outside, but fishing, hunting, hiking, etc. aren't my strengths), the idea of camping became more and more appealing the longer I stayed here.

So much awesomeness.  A handsome man and a gigantic tree!

I was already convinced that this was a place I would visit again... THEN Andrew found this spot.  A beautiful creek complete with boulders and a small waterfall!

Perfect spot for some fishing...

Andrew dipped his line in the water for only a few minutes before catching a beautiful fish.  This little guy got lucky since we weren't prepared to take any fish home with us and lived to swim another day.  Hope he doesn't mind the lip-piercing.  ;-)

This is a picture of one happy woman!

We found a "hobbit trail" while exploring the woods!  Yes, I did have to duck to walk through.  :-)

Oh and the plants!  I love the contrast between harsh-looking cactus and delicate flowers.  So different from the norm for me!

Creeks (which Andrew calls "criks").  So peaceful.  So pretty.  Love them.

The view heading back home...

So, friends, if any of you have a need for rolling mountains, gurgling creeks, and the scent of pine, a visit my way might be in order. 
I will hopefully be posting more pictures soon of another recent day trip Andrew and I made.  I know these posts include a picture overload... but these places are so beautiful and I love sharing them with you all!




Anonymous said...

love, love, love, LOVE. <3

Jennifer Allen said...

Thank you for taking me with you via pictures to explore such beauty...oh and the scenery was nice, too!!! ;)

Leah K. Oxendine said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! :D