Wednesday, September 24, 2014

crazy, bumpy roads

The title of this post is both figurative and literal.  Life is a crazy road full of bumps, twists, and unexpected obstacles.  My blog definitely demonstrates that.

But sometimes actual, under-your-car roads are insane too!  Such was our experience this last weekend when Andrew and I drove several hours to meet up with a childhood friend of mine, Caleb, who happens to be staying in Utah this month.


The drive to and from the place Caleb was staying were rather uneventful (aside from having six hours in the car with my love to talk!  Good stuff!), but then we decided to go on an adventure... up in the mountains... trying to find a secluded lake Andrew discovered in the internet... with no directions.

We're very smart people.  ;-)

But when we weren't fearing for the survival of our little car (which I lovingly call The Limaberry, to Andrew's great displeasure), we were able to enjoy absolutely stunning scenery.

Fall colors were bursting from the hillsides, making this mid-western girl's heart so very happy!  I've missed the cooler weather and beautiful colors that make up Indiana starting about this time of year.

Oh, and then we found the lake...  I only wish the cameras we brought could have fully captured the beauty of this place.

I felt like I'd stepped into a fairy-world.

At one point we walked around the lake, finding more beautiful views (and what looked like an incredibly fun swing for swimming amazingness... we were a little sad that we hadn't brought swimsuits).

I was quite impressed by Caleb's ability to fish and take pictures at the same time.  :-)

It's been so fun whenever my old friends have had a chance to get to know my hubby better (I must have a decent taste in friends and a spouse because, even though they can be very different, they always end up having a good time together and liking each other... which is a good thing for my friends since, sorry guys but it's true: Andrew is my very favorite!).  

The fishing was exceptionally good at this lake.  One of the fish in particular that Andrew caught was rather stunning.

My handsome man... I love how happy and peaceful he is in places like this.

The tall grass!!!  Apart from being a little nervous of what critters could be hiding in it, I absolutely loved wandering through this dreamy spot.

Andrew and his fishies!

And the beautiful, stormy skies as we headed back down the mountain.

I'm so thankful for this beautiful day we spent together.  So much laughter and good words were shared.  And we all discovered what a hair-raising adventure it is to drive down a mountain with no brakes part of the time... still so thankful to God for protecting us!  I think one of us exclaimed, "Were we nuts?!" about every minute or so.  :-P  Driving up is definitely easier than driving down!

Caleb, so good to see you, my friend!  Andrew and I had a blast with you!  Thank you for the wonderful talks, reasons to laugh (fish net... I will leave it at that), and for only moderately making fun of my weirdness.  It is a blessing to be friends with someone for so long and is also extremely awesome that you and my hubby get along so well!  Hopefully you'll be coming back to Utah again sometime and we can have a Part 2 in our series of western excursions!  :-)

Stick around, dear readers... hopefully I will have another post up soon, this time with more "life pictures".  I know I have flooded you with scenery shots recently, but I can't help it: this state is so gorgeous!!!




anna said...

Ohh, I love the colors! :)

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Rae!! I miss you guys a ton!!! I hope I might get to see you sometime in the near future!