Monday, September 29, 2014

september: foxes and joy

Oh my word, September has flown away so quickly!  Just one more day and I will be entering my favorite month of the year... at least in Indiana, we'll have to see how things go here in Utah!  *wink*

My days have felt rather full at times... but perhaps that is because of my introvert-nature and feeling like being social 3-4 times a week is quite a lot!
Most days I am at home.  I'm trying to get better at actually waking up at a decent time every morning.  Coffee definitely helps (even though I can only drink decaf right now... it's the thought that counts). 
A new addition to my coffee mug collection is Fergus the Fox/Mug.  My sister thinks he looks like an angry weasel, but I choose to see him as just a tad devious.  :-)

I've been able to have face-time with my family, thanks to modern technology.  Does it mean that I miss my family that the picture on my phone is me skyping with Jess?

Only three more weeks though and two of my sisters will be here with me!!!  After 4 months, it's about time!!!

Upper right picture: our dining room, empty and ready for the table Andrew was working on outside!

Slowly but surely, our apartment is coming together and feeling more like a home.
The only room that still needs work is our back bedroom, which has been serving as a storage area since we don't have a garage/any-other-place-for-storing-stuff.  Hopefully I can get things to a point that it can be used as more than that!

I so love our dining room table!!!  Yes, it is a picnic table!  I love how it goes so perfectly with my decorating style (vintage meets shabby-chic meets enchanted forest-ish).
Andrew was able to buy this brand new through his job and then went to work coating it with stain and polyurethane.  He isn't quite finished with it yet, but we had to move it inside because of rainy weather (and I just had to experiment with making it look pretty!).

Since we live in the desert, fall colors are a little lacking.  My most recent project was adding touches of autumn to our home. 

Top picture: Clock set to my family's time zone!
Bottom right picture: Recent craft, a book page butterfly " mini wreath"

Another fox I have adopted into our little family: Ferrel.  While out shopping with my mother and sister-in-law, we stumbled across a bunch of adorable critters.  This little guy stole my heart and I had to bring him home.  <3

*happy sigh*  I so love autumn!

Casual outfit for children's ministry!

Something that started this month was mid-week children's ministry at our church.  Andrew and I were asked to begin leading it and so far it's been a lot of fun!  I have discovered that I still love red-light-green-light and that kids will never cease to surprise me with their random-ness ("So not giving in to peer pressure would be if someone wanted me to throw milk on the church walls and I said no?"). 

I have no profound words to go with this picture... only that homemade creamy broccoli soup is incredible!  *tis the season!*

I can't take credit for the remainder of the pictures.  My friend, Caleb, was kind enough to share them after our adventure last weekend (featured here, in case you missed it!).  *Thank you, Caleb!*

So, as you can see, September has been an enjoyable month.  I have continued to struggle with health issues, but am trying some home-remedy-type things to help with that while we find a good doctor.  This last week has been good though.  Andrew and I have even been able to sub on our church's worship team the last two Sundays (which was a blast!  I love playing with my hubby and leading worship together!).  My new church family is so loving and full of hugs each week.  It is still hard sometimes for me to be here; I miss my family dreadfully... but I continue to see why the Lord has us here right now and that is so good!

"i like living.  i have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all i still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing."  agatha christie

Off to drink more coffee...


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Valencia Canales said...

I have never left a comment but I have been reading you for a while now. I enjoy your writing and style. You are very beautiful and always so positive. I hope you find a great doctor soon . Have fun with your sisters. Blessings-