Saturday, September 6, 2014

to the ones who still believe in dreams...

Chase them.  Chase them until you're out of breath.
Then, keep running.

There is such freedom in packing a picnic lunch, grabbing some fishing poles, and setting out on a trip with no schedule, no commitments... just you, the man you love, and a day to be seized!

From craggy rocks to golden fields, this patch of the world is overflowing with a unique beauty...

I adore the span of it all... how one moment you are surrounded by red ground and sage brush, then the next you are hidden by mountains and pine forests.

And the far-off views.  I'm so accustomed to dark forests blocking any distant sights.  Here you can see for miles and miles...

The place Andrew took me for our most recent adventure is a mountain reservoir about 30 miles from where we live.
So.  Much.  Pretty.

How I adore the grand sight of the mountains, but sometimes it is so good to zoom in on the little, delicate beauty that makes up the larger picture.


The fishing in this place was fantastic!  Andrew caught two beautiful fish within a half hour (yes, we ate them... well, I ate a little and Andrew ate the rest).  :-D

*sun-kissed, wind-blown, and content*

After fishing, we went hunting for a peaceful spot to enjoy our picnic, which wasn't hard to find!

*sigh*  I have missed big trees SO much since leaving Indiana... I just loved being in such a woodsy area!

Such a happy place!  We had to ward off a few ants, but this was such a perfect spot for a romantic lunch together.

And, of course, we had to do some exploring!

Can you spot the wild Andrew in his natural environment?

Awesome fallen tree... to be featured in a future outfit post!!!  :-D

We made some friends on our way home!
I might have fallen a little in love with this sweet baby in the lower picture.  He had the cutest face and was so intrigued by us!

Oh, aren't this mountains simply glorious?!

And majestic... I keep wanting to hum Lord of the Rings music in places like this.  ;-)

Home again!

Moment of amazement:  Isn't God incredible?!  His designs are so full of beauty and diversity... and to think He didn't have to make it this way... He chose to make it beautiful because He loves beauty and loves for us to find pleasure in Him and what He creates!  He is SO good.



Becca said...

wow, Rachel, these are stunning!!! I'm a mountain girl myself, and these photos made me happy. :) is that last picture the view from your house?! it's gorgeous.

Rachel J said...

Becca ~ Thank you so much! The last picture is actually us driving by the area where we live, rather than it actually being taken from our yard. Our backyard view is rather beautiful though (it includes those same mountain!).


Ashley B. said...

That is definitely a "Lord of the Rings Music worthy" mountain! Stunning! So many times I just stand in awe at the beautiful creation our Lord has given us. I live more on the country side/ farm area, so mountains aren't exactly in my view...but these are beautiful! :)