Wednesday, August 6, 2014

rainy-day joy

Denim Button-Up Shirt ~ Walmart
 Cream Floral Blouse ~ Bealls Outlet
Tan Cami ~ Walmart
Blue Jean Shorts ~ Walmart
Pale Green Vintage-Style Earrings ~ Walmart
Single Rose Necklace ~ Walmart

Ahhh.... beautiful rain.
Amidst the heat of a desert summer, God has sent lovely bursts of rain the last few days, reminding me that I do actually enjoy the outdoors.  ;-)

One of those rainy days, I decided that it was high time I was better at taking occasional pictures of my outfits (which I have failed to do since moving!).

I absolutely adore this floral sleeveless blouse I found while on vacation in Florida earlier this year and it was beyond wonderful that the weather was cool enough to use my denim button-up as a jacket.

I've recently found several pairs of shorts at Walmart that I actually feel comfortable wearing in public.  *happy dance*  My heart struggles so much with showing a ton of skin, as I know (especially as a wife now with a hubby who gets her "in the loop" about how guys think!) it is distracting for my brothers in Christ.  I know very well that it is their own responsibility to guard their eyes and hearts, but a lot of (even Christian) women don't make it easy for them... in fact, they only add to the battle (seriously, the guys get enough of it at work or any time they leave the house!  Why are we bringing the issue into our get-togethers and church services?).

But for me, modesty isn't only about respecting the men in my life, but also about respecting myself.  God gave me a body; it isn't something of which to be ashamed, but it also isn't truly mine... God has bought me with the precious blood of His Son and why would I now flaunt the beauty He has created in me (and all of His daughters) by dressing in a way that causes my brothers to stumble and myself to look cheap (or no different from other women who live saturated in the sin of our culture)?  My goal as a Christian should be to move people's eyes from me to Christ, with no hinderance in-between.  Does that make sense?

I may not always look "up-to-date" in my style or even be eye-catching... but seriously, WHO CARES?!  The only opinion that truly matters is God's and the only man I should be seeking to please in my season of life is my husband, who admires modesty and is thankful that I haven't showed off every curve and most of my skin, leaving nothing to the imagination innapropriate amounts of "Rachel" to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

*deep breath*
*steps off the soapbox*

As some of you might have figured out, I love vintage-style outfits.  For me, this outfit is ideal; comfortable, girly, includes soft floral, AND goes well with my soft-antique-ish jewelry.

This is my *what pose shall I strike next* picture.

Oh and I'm not wearing shoes... I realize this.  But there were puddles outside and I just would have shed my shoes anyway...

My hairstyle is simple: two braids connected in the back, then a fishtail braid down.
For a final touch, I pulled a scrap of ribbon from one of my many "treasure boxes" and tied made of a bow in my hair.

I also finally had my hair trimmed (courtesy of Andrew) and my hair feels *so!* much healthier now.  I think I've discovered the hair length that looks best with my hair type (my beautician in Indiana described it as "a ton of fine hair", which she said means my hair gives the impression of being on the thick side because of the amount, but the hairs individually are quite fine... which, in my opinion, means my hair can be poofy, limp, or anything in-between!).  :-)

So, have you been able to find summer clothes that fit your personality and convictions?  For me, yes, actually... you just need to be creative sometimes.

Do you have a favorite hairstyle on yourself?  Like I said, I love this hair length for me... still figuring out what details I prefer though. 

What is your favorite type of weather?  Mine is definitely cool with a soft breeze and light rain.  :-)



Natasha Atkerson said...

Nice outfit! I love your nail polish!
I agree whole heartedly!
Shorts are the hardest thing to find in a modest length!
A modest fashion blog:

Amelia Protiva said...

You're so cute, Rachel! This outfit is so cute on you. :) :)

I love to wear my hair braided in one thick braid wrapped in a bun (I just tuck the end where my braid begins) and pinned into place. My hair is super thick, so I was so happy to finally figure out a way to make it work. Oh, and I also got a few layers put in, and they make me so happy!