Tuesday, July 15, 2014


... little table next to "my spot" on the loveseat,
Thank you for holding journals, mugs of coffee or tea, nail polish, my Bible, earrings, pens, dark chocolate, and many other little things I set on you throughout the day.  I like you. 

... mug my mom got me before I moved,
Oh my stars!  I adore you.  You bring sweet memories each time I see you.

... old cabinet in our dining room,
You hold all of the goodies!  I love that we were given you so randomly and now I just couldn't do without you!

... little white teapot,
I've had you for years, but now you are finally seeing the light of day outside of my hope chest.  You remind me of the sweet highschool friend who gave you to me; all of our young fun, coffee dates, and long chats. 

... pink owl shirt,
You are soft, light pink, and covered with owls.  You make me happy!  Nuff said.

... long locks of mine,
Thank you for not being too difficult to manage as you've adjusted to low humidity and crazy-hot weather.  You haven't been perfect, but still much better than I had expected.

... cream and decaf coffee,
You are my wonderful (albeit bitter) companion.  You keep me sane through this time of limiting my caffeine intake. 
You don't ask silly questions.  You get me.  See you again tomorrow!

... fresh zucchini and squash,
Having you given to us straight from Grandpa and Grandma J's garden has been a delight!  The only thing better than having you in a large bowl on my counter is having you sliced up and oven-roasted with butter, salt, and pepper!  Then you are truly fantastic!

... celtic woman music,
You join me so often as I'm cleaning, washing dishes, folding laundry, and even now as I write this post.  You delight my ears!  You make me think of my family and all of their beautiful voices.  Erin Go Bragh!

... mountain view from my kitchen sink,
You make a mundane chore a joy.  I know I might not always have you, so for now I revel in the beauty that is living with a mountain backdrop!

... husband mine,
I love you so much more than any of these other things.  Sometimes as you hold me I am struck so deeply by the beauty of our love that I can't help the tears that spill.  I don't know what I would do without you.  No matter what our adventures hold, we will always have each other.  You are forever entwined with my soul and heart. 
 You are enough.

... beautiful Savior,
Thank you for loving me.  You are too great and beautiful for me to comprehend.  Please help me to cherish you in my heart, to show you to others, and to glorify you always.  I am so weak, but you are so strong.  I am so small, but you are so great.  I am so scared, but you are so powerful.  Help me to remember.

... lovely readers,
You bless my soul.  Your comments lift this random, strange, imperfect girl's heart.  Many blessings to you all!


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