Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My thoughts on Politics...

Okay... so this is a frightening picture of me... but it is pretty accurately shows how I feel when different people I know bring up their many opinions on the subject of politics.  The post below is something I wrote recently on Facebook.  Many blessings!
Maybe it’s because there was an election recently. Maybe it’s because most of the people I know (including myself) don’t like the direction this country has gone and is going… but, as I’ve been reading through the four Gospels this year, one thing has really stood out to me: How Jesus handled political authority. Being under the rule of Caesar and the local Roman soldiers was something far more difficult than anything we as Americans have ever seen. Yet, even when given the opportunity, Jesus never made a big speech criticizing the politicians of His day… in fact, it was the self-righteous religious leaders that He was constantly reproving.

I recently saw a bumper sticker that showed a cartoon character urinating on Obama’s name. Seriously and just really!, is this the image we who oppose his decisions want to have? It is good and right to have convictions and a way of living (and even righteous anger at times) based on the Word of God, but where does that give us any room to bash or insult those in authority who don’t agree with us? The truth must be spoken, but it must be done in love. The world needs less enraged, opinionated people and more people willing to work hard, show grace, and choose the higher path: the standard of Christ’s example. As Christians, we have a truth that the rest of the world doesn’t have; how can we expect them to live by our Biblical standards if they aren’t even saved? There’s a much bigger issue here: these people aren’t just making choices that are hurting this country, they are facing a hopeless, terrifying eternity. More than anything, they need our compassion and pity.

So… maybe, instead of saying how stupid politicians are, we could pray for their hearts to change. Maybe, instead of throwing out insults that make us look stupid ourselves certainly don’t help our witness, we could pray for leaders to rise up who would honor God with their decisions. Or MAYBE, instead of complaining, we could pray to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves in this time. Please hear me, we DO NOT need to agree with them (I don't!), but we should be praying to be filled with grace and strength in the Lord to do what is right even if our society only continues to get worse.

That’s just my two cents for the day. It is a two cents I am nervous to share as there are so many opinions floating around right now... but this is something that has really been pressing on my heart.


Vicki said...

Great post, Rachel! I think you're absolutely right, too. As much as I oppose much of the politics of the current administration, it is important that we retain a Biblical respect for our leaders. After all, they are God's representatives! As much as I may hate what is going on in this country, I can't stand it when people say things like, "I hate Obama.", because that's wrong. Instead of bashing our leaders, like you said, it is important to pray for them, to pray for our country, and to pray for the citizens of this country. It's also important to remember, however much we may dislike the direction the country is going, we are so very richly blessed to be Americans (that's somethg I really need to work on remembering!).

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Natasha Atkerson said...

I agree completely, Rachel! I too am frustrated by what is going on, I enjoy my freedom too much to see it taken away. However, (and I can't remember where it is found) there's a really good Bible verse that basically says "all authority is given by God" the people who are in office are called by God (whether we, or they like it) we can take steps to protect our rights and vote, but in the end God is still in control-thank you Lord! I honestly don't know that I would be okay right now if He wasn't! I don't think you're wrong for sharing your opinion (I always share my opinion, but since this IS a free country I try to end it with an invitation for discussion-just a blogging tip!)
Thanks for sharing!
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Rachel said...

Thanks for the tip, Natasha. Readers of my blog are ALWAYS welcome to share their opinions in the comments. :-) I hope that is a given!

Hannah Elise said...

This was great, Rachel :) We do need to pray for our leaders--or maybe I should say *I* because I'm great at preaching it but not practicing it.

Anonymous said...

Amen! 8911 ioadiona

Rachel said...

I know that I am much better at preaching than practicing too. We are all a work in process. I am so thankful for the Lord grace in my life!