Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorite {No. 27} Something's coming, something good...

  After a discouraging, snowy weekend, it has started to warm up here in Indiana.  Snow is melting into mud... which means it is definitely springtime!  :-)

My mother has passed on to me a huge love of decorating for each season... and a love for bird-themed decorations.  :-)  So, with the warmer weather come the table runners, flowers, and birds in my house that scream SPRING!

My funny husband... :-)

I took these picstures earlier this week... you'll be amazed by the contrast in weather to the pictures later in this post (pardon the slight grainy-ness... my camera was really far in).

I was wearing a big, warm coat while taking these pictures...

I just love the ducks here... they are so fun!

So, here you see our eight inches of snow from earlier this week!

Yesterday we had beautiful weather.  I had to wear a cardigan since it was still a bit brisk, but Samantha was fine outside in her t-shirt.  :-)

Samantha and I had a big-sis date at my house for a little while yesterday afternoon.  One of the things we both love to do is feed the ducks.

At one point, she had almost ten ducks surrounding her and coming up within inches of her!  She had such a blast!

Love you, Sammie!  I had such a great time with you!!!

What a good week.  What an amazing weekend ahead.  Tonight is the Good Friday service at my church.  Andrew will be leading worship and we're also doing a special song together, which I'm really looking forward to (please pray for us as we've both been struggling with colds and really don't want to sound like frogs tonight!  *smile*).
Tomorrow will, hopefully, be a good, relaxing day.  We've been very busy house-hunting and are quite weary in that respect.  BUT, we're very excited and ready to move once we settle which place we'll be living for the next year.
And then... oh, Easter Sunday.  Always such a beautiful day of rejoicing in our Lord's victory over sin and death.  As the words to one of my favorites songs go:

"Sin, where are your shackles?
Death, where is your sting?
Hell has been defeated;
The Grave could not hold the King!

Arise, my Love.
Arise, my Love.
The Grave no longer has a hold on You.
No more Death's sting,
No more suffering;

Oh the incredible love and sacrifice of our precious Savior.  And yes, oh the incredible triumph He won!  And how amazing that He would choose to share it with us freely.  Praise the Lord!

I can't wait for the chance to worship with my church family and then spend the afternoon with my extended family that I haven't seen since Christmas.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, full of praise and joy and thankfulness.  I know that some people might think it's too early to say this but since I probably won't have a chance to blog the rest of the weekend... and because it's just as true now as it will be on Sunday or any day:
He is Risen!

God bless!

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Hannah Elise said...

Oh, it's so awesome you two are singing a song together! I hope your colds don't give you any trouble. I'm singing a solo (well, the choir has some background stuff in it) and I'm probably going to be dying nervous beforehand.