Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favorites {No. 24} Winter Wonderland!

This post has a couple of pictures taken in the same shoto-shoot as the ones featured in my Wednesday post, Beautiful, and also quite a few outdoor pictures from the recent dumping of snow we've had in northern Indiana!  Hope you enjoy!

It really snowed here; one of the largest amounts we've had all winter!  It was so fun going out and taking these picture.

The view from my back balcony.  <3

Down the stairs...

Gooses on the water (my family rarely calls them geese).  Their little feet must have been SO cold!

The doors in the center of this picture (top story) is the back entry to our apartment.  It is usually fun to sit out there... not now that the chairs are covered in tons of snow!

I just love how snow and ice look on tree branches!

Deep prints from my boots coming down the stairs.  :-)

Out at the front of our apartments buildings.

As I said... I love snow on tree branches!

My bedroom window. 

The property surrounding the apartments is SO pretty!  You'd never know we were in the "big city".

I love the old, brick look against the snow...

Look, a lamppost... in the wood... in the snow!  Me thinks I found Narnia!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!  I'll be busy with my sisters visiting for the weekend, fish shopping, and hunting for a new apartment since our lease is up in a couple of months.  If you would, please pray that would go well!  So far, so good!

Parting thought... isn't God's creation incredible???!!!  Look at how amazing the snow looks against the dark of the trees!  Look how cool the designs of the ice are!  Look how no two trees are exactly alike... I could just go on and on.  :-)

God bless!

PS.  What do you think of the new Friday Favorites header???


Hannah Elise said...

I love the new Friday Favorites header! And I can't believe how much snow you've got there.... Where I live in southeastern Washington State, we got a "dusting" during the week. We haven't had much snow this year :'( I hope your hunting for an apartment continues to go well!

Josie said...

I love these! And before I saw the picture where you mentioned Narnia- that's exactly what I was thinking. So beautiful. God's creation is amazing, for sure.

Kelsey said...

I have always enjoyed reading your Friday favs. Would u mind if I started doing the same thing if I credit you on the post:)


Rachel said...

Kelsey- Yes, that would be just fine! I'm glad you enjoy these posts!

God bless!