Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorite {No. 23} The Random and Awesome Life

There is no theme to this post.  That is probably because life doesn't follow a pattern very often (even the seasons are unreliable!).  It is pretty awesome though, even for a checklist-type-person like me, when there is no routine and life can just be... life.

This picture is a bit overdue... as my Dad's birthday was last week.  But I had so many pictures from the retreat to post that I feared this picture of his awesome cake would be completely forgotten!  So now it gets a place of honor! 
Need an idea for a manly birthday cake?  Now you have it!

I've posted these pictures in a collage before... but I just can't get over how sweet my little sister looks in them.  She is such a little gem.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Bekah actually used sign language to communicate with us before talking!  Even now that she's talking quite fluently, when she's really excited or upset, she will still sometimes sign along with her spoken words.  It is so precious.

I. Love. Food. 

I'm also a lover of breakfast.  Since my stomach doesn't always like the idea of eating a huge hearty breakfast in the morning, sometimes Andrew and I will have breakfast food in the evening.  It is so fun (just last night we had biscuits and scarmbled eggs covered in sausage gravy for supper)!

We also eat "normal" food for supper though.  Most nights we have a meal with meat and a couple of sides, but sometimes we like good ol' sandwiches piled with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles... etc...  YUM!

One of my recent projects was fixing up two old candle-holders I found at a thrift shop for a few dollars.  I already have quite a few candles around the apartment, so I decided to turn them into simple flower arrangements.  :-)

My Irish family is getting ready for St. Patrick's Day already!!!  We've already planned a party at my folks' house for March 17th with either green or Irish-themed food, clothing, and decorations!  Can't wait!

Just saying, these socks are amazing!  Andrew bought them for work, but I have ended up using them almost as much as him!  I've always had trouble with circulation in my legs (apparently, with the way I'm built, I cut off some blood flow to the bottom half of my body when I sit down) and my feet get extremely cold quite easily (sometimes turning a sickly blue/purple/grey color).  So these thermal socks are incredible for me!

Alright, so my kitchen gets dirty a lot... sometimes.  :-) 

Hubby making his PB&J for work the next day with his new buzz-cut.  It's so funny how things never turn out the way we thought they would...  I always thought my husband would be the shaggy-haired poet, city-boy type.  Still manly, but more of a thinker.  Instead, God has a country boy who likes his hair short (and, once I saw him with shaggy hair, I agreed with him) and is still a thinker, but more manly.  :-)  Seriously, my husband is so smart.  Way smarter than me (in a different way... I think we really balance each other out well in that department).  He is a poet in that he has written several beautiful songs for me, but he also loves his hunting and fishing.  God has truly blessed me with someone who makes my life more adventurous and my horizons broader.  I am so thankful that God saw beyond the kind of man I thought was right for me and gave me a man that is so much better for me.

And he loves Lord of the Rings and will watch Little Dorrit with me.  That just about makes him perfect.

I love my little fridge.  It isn't nearly big enough and the freezer space is, ahem, pathetic, but it is covered with fun magnets and lovely projects and pictures from my little brothers and sisters!

"Don't bother me anymore and don't call me sugar."  Very good quote.  I can't even remember how long I've had that "Gone With the Wind" magnet.

Did you know that I love clocks???  Andrew has really found that out.  :-)  Almost every time I go thrift-shopping I find a clock that I just can't live without (and, thankfully, they only cost a couple of dollars).  We have actually run out of rooms to put clocks in.   The bottom two clocks are ones I found at a thrift store near where my parents live.  Andrew found some beautiful new clock hands for the one on the left (which was a little beaten up).  The clock on the top (my most recent find) still needs some work before it will be running.  We'll be getting some new hands (the ones on it right now are really bent) and gears for it and then putting it up in our bedroom.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this random peek into my week.  :-)  Have a wonderful weekend!

God bless!


Hannah Elise said...

Wow . . . a guy who loves to watch both The Lord of the Rings *and* Little Dorrit? :) I hope my future husband will like bonnet movies.... well--*tolerate* bonnet movies....

Anonymous said...

What a fun week! And love the clocks. They're absolutely beautiful. :) You have a sweet home and a blessing of a husband. God gives us such gifts!