Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun Organizing Ideas...

Our apartment when Andrew and I were first moving in last June...  :-P
I am a pack-rat.  Did any of you know this?
I keep clothes that I haven't worn in a long time on the off-chance that I will need them again someday.  I keep scraps of fabric, bits of lace, random beads, bags of craft supplies... just in case.
So, keeping the house clean (especially in a confined amount of space) can be a challenge.  My parents have a poll barn that we store quite a bit of our stuff in (along with seasonal clothes and some furniture), but what do I do with my craft supplies or my makeup that I need in my house???

Let me give you some context: I live in a one-bedroom apartment.  That bedroom is just big enough for a bed, a dresser, and a small bookshelf between the two little closets.  I have one living space (the one pictured above), which is connected to a tiny dining room (where our table is shoved in a corner next to our fish tank).  Only one person can use the bathroom at a time (unless one is showering and the other is using the mirror... wiping fog off every few seconds); it has only two small drawers and two little shelves where we have stuffed all of our bathroom supplies. 
There isn't a lot of counter space, so it gets cluttered quickly.  There is no office for craft supplies.
So what have I done?
Made organizing pretty!

I found out quickly that leaving just the bottles and brush on the counter eventually (more like in one day!) ended up looking really messy.  Thankfully, I collect pretty, decorative trunks and boxes!  I found one that would fit on my small counter and placed my hair products, lotions, and other bathroom items inside!

It looks so cute in my little bathroom!

So what about makeup???

I found this tin at a thrift store (I really like owl-designs).  It matched the earth-tone colors of my bathroom and holds all of the makeup I use regularly.

I put things like extra applicators, tweezers, etc. inside as well!  This really helps to keep the counter uncluttered.

Now moving on to craft supplies...

I LOVE these stacked boxes!  I've found some at Dollar General and they are also available at Michaels.  They look great in a living space purely for decorating... and no one knows you are hiding a bunch of craft stuff inside! 

These bins hold all of my jewelry-making supplies.

These bins hold scrapbooking supplies, paint, glue, ribbons, and other random craft bits and pieces.

Isn't it great?  Now you have an excuse to go find some pretty boxes, trunks, and tins!  ;-)
Once Andrew and I move and I set up house again, hopefully I'll have more fun ideas to share!  Hope ya'll enjoyed this post.

God bless!


Yvonne said...

I have the exact same owl tin! I think it's part of a set- there's a tray and a larger round tin as well.

Love the way you decorated!

Hannah Elise said...

Wow--very creative! Love it :)

Anonymous said...

This is really neat Rae! Very creative and cute! So simple too!