Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorites {No. 26} Step we gaily, on we go!

So, last weekend was such an amazing time of laughter, games, yummy cake, wearing green, eating Irish food, and speaking in Irish accents!  Hope you enjoy these pics from my parents' St. Patrick's Day party!  I had such fun taking these pics... oh, except for the last three, which my Mum took!

Isn't Josh so dapper?

A group of teens from our church came to hang out that night.  It was so funny watching them play with the balloons!  Very chaotic, for sure!

And, of course, Bekah was as cute as ever...

Danny Boy all decked in green! 
(Gotta love the chunk of hair missing from his bangs; he decided to give himself a haircut, LOL!)

Daddy looking awesome!

Apples to Apples... we could hear them laughing two rooms away!

Love my sissies!

Dad and Mum looking extremely sweet!

"Erin Go Bragh" = "Ireland Forever"!

My Mum does art on our family chalkboard for every birthday and holiday.  It's always so fun to see what she comes up with each time.  Isn't this wonderful?!

Trying to get a good picture of Andrew and me in our matching shirts... Andrew was goofing off and making me laugh so hard!



This holiday is special for us since we have an Irish heritage on my Mother's side.  Yippee for having names like O'Brinley and O'Ferrel in my genealogy! 
So, what does your family do for different holidays? My family is rather festive, so we're constantly finding reasons to get together and eat cake. ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!
God bless!


Josie said...

I got very excited when I saw that you updated your blog again. And when I saw the title, I started singing the song. :) I love you and your family. My brothers and parents usually get together with my grandparents for holidays. We haven't for St. Patrick's Day though. Maybe next year. :D

Hannah Elise said...

Lovely pictures :) I love all your St. Patrick's Day clothes!