Friday, July 6, 2012

Because there's more to a wedding...

... than cool hairstyles and saying "I do".
After doing my post of wedding photos, I realized how perfect everything looked...
You couldn't tell that we were sweaty and tired.
You couldn't tell that certain things came together last-second.
You couldn't tell that I had lost my voice.
There are so many things that made that day uniquely ours.
And I wanted to share some of those other, special pictures...
some very beautiful and sweet,
others just simple awesome because they paint
thousands of words and memories...
and have become some of my favorites.

These bridesmaid dresses were crazy, by the way!
We had to order them in larger sizes, so the girls were all in charge of getting their own dress to fit right... and they had to be laced up the back every time they were put on or taken off!
BUT, despite that, my six wonderful bridesmaids all commented on how much they loved their dresses.  :-)
(I think it was because of the sleeves... they really seemed to like them!)

Even with the morning rushing by, my Mom and I got to spend a quick, special moment together.  She is truly one of my bestest-est! friends and was such a support throughout the day.

With some of the benches removed, there was room for me, my long train, and four of my siblings in our fifteen-passenger van.  The kiddoes were such troopers through the whole day and all did such a great job as a jr. groomsman, ring bearer, and flower girls!

Andrew and his friends (l-r, Levi, Jake, and Daniel)...
Gushing over Andrew's ring.

As you can see, this pictures didn't work so well...

Special pic with a special friend:
Elaine and I have known each other since... forever.
She agreed to carry my train during the procession,
even though I asked her a couple of days before the wedding!
Love you, girl!

Hannah and Emily played "One Hand, One Heart" during the ceremony while Andrew and I joined our "Unity Cross" (which a friend of Andrew's made especially for us!).

I love this picture...
Big smiles right after our first kiss.

With my incredibly long train, it was rather hard to get around without slinging it over my shoulder, so Jake and Daniel walked around with me for a while, carrying it for me until I finally got it pinned up.
Thanks guys!

My friend, Theresa, (who you will see a picture of later), took this picture of my family in-between-shots from the official photographer.  I love how unorganized and real we look. (Yes, sometimes being real means you're not always smiling.)

I had to include this pic...
Just a sweet, romantic one.

Not so sweet and romantic.

A picture of our photographer taking a
picture of us!
Taken by our other photographer, MJ, who took many amazing pics throughout the day!

My bouquet and our cheesecake, plus some beautiful Willow Tree figurines.

Our reception hall, lit with Christmas lights, hung with greenery and paper hearts,
and full of people we love!
And, of course, we got to sit under the arbor I decorated a couple days prior.
It was hung with lanterns and had little white butterflies (which I found at Michaels)
"flitting amongst the flowers".

Kisses under the arbor.

Father-Daughter dance to "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman.
When my Dad and I first heard this song, we knew it was perfect for us.
I can remember dancing in the kitchen with my Dad when I was little and even as I got into my teens.

The only time I almost broke down and cried was when our dance ended.
I truly have the most incredible Dad in the world.

Then Andrew and I had our first dance as a wedded couple to "Angel" by Casting Crowns.
Andrew sang along, saying the words to me... so beautiful.

Hehe... on a not-so-gooey note:
We had to keep (drawing as little attention to it as possible)
kicking my dress out of the way so he didn't step on it.
Eventually, our dance became a pattern of
step, kick dress, step, step, kick dress, step...

Love this pic...

We also danced one "fun dance" to "Kiss the Girl" as arranged by Stellar Kart
(long story there about how I listened to them in jr. high and eventually grew out of most of their songs... you wouldn't be interested).

What a fun time...
also adore this pic!

Bethany, Olivia, Me, Emily, and Audrey.
I've known these ladies for a long time, since early childhood;
it was so wonderful having them all there.
Emily travelled out from Colorado and Bethany brought her week-old (gorgeous!) baby girl with her!
What a fantastic group!

Hehe... we're a pretty nutty bunch.
Love you gals!

My dear friend, Hannah.
We met when we were in our early teens and its amazing how fast we became such good friends.  Sometimes you don't need years and years together, you are such kindred spirits that you are instantly close.  :-)

My little cousin and little sister scoping each other out...
I think both are far too used to being the center of attention.

My Mom with four of her dearest friends, all who have been a huge part of my life.

Me with Theresa, who I'd only met in person a couple days before!
Long story short: she had been following a blog that I did a guest post on, so she knew who I was when it came to the blogging-world and was familiar with my blog.  She knew her brother, Levi, was going to be in his friend, Andrew's, wedding and she asked Levi what Andrew's fiance was like, to which Levi replied, "From what I hear, she sounds a lot like you".  After talking with Andrew, Theresa found out that his fiance had a blog and, upon looking it up, discovered that she already knew me!  Crazy, but so awesome!  So we began emailing for a couple months before the wedding and it was such a thrill to finally meet her and spend some time together!
Isn't it cool how God works things out?!

We departed amidst a sea of bubbles and lots of cheering!

Andrew had to take a couple minutes so we could get in the car!  Our friends had a little bit of fun during the reception.

Everyone kept the bubbles coming the whole time we were getting into the car.
And, wonder of wonders!, my dress fit!

So, in one day, I went from "Ms. A" to "Mrs. J".
It was such a fun, crazy, exhausting, memorable day and I'm sure I don't remember half of what happened!  Though I do recall people asking if I was sick when I tried to talk too loud:
"No, its just a combination of allergies and bossing people around all week."

God bless!  I hope you enjoyed these pics!


Vicki said...

These pictures are lovely! Ooh, and I love your dress (and he bridesmaids' dresses!)!


Mikailah said...

Oh, my, Rachel, I loved these pictures! You all look beautiful {and handsome!}. Your dress and brides-maids dresses are beautiful; and your "romantic" pictures are just gorgeous! :) You both look so happy, and I am SO happy for y'all! :)

May God continue to bless you! :)