Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the random and beautiful

My life has been a toddler chasing bubbles... it's true! Have you ever noticed how a small child never stops chasing those bubbles, even though they continue to disappear as if they never existed?
They find such ecstasy in touching those floating orbs of color and light before they vanish.
I'm learning to find beauty in similar orbs of color and light. Little things in the everyday.
The random and amazing bits of joy that disappear so fast, but thrill you in every fiber of your being when you touch them even for a moment.

Like a job finished and a set of dishes.
Yesterday I decorated the top shelves in my kitchen and love the results. The blue and white dishes come from a woman who lost her husband just last year after spending many years together in the ministry. When she heard I was getting married through the "grapevine of pastors who know pastors who know pastors...", this woman I never met sent me boxes and boxes of lovely dishes from Sweeden. *huge smile*

Like a song... many songs... as birds chirp outside the window.
I have many hours at home each day when Andrew is at work. It's amazing all you can accomplish in a day! After cleaning, cooking, and working on the huge stack of Thank You's I must send out to the many people who made my wedding possible, I still have time each day to play this keyboard. And sometimes, when he is home, Andrew will start strumming his guitar. I so love music.

Like geese and ducks in a pond as you stand in the rain.
Jessica and Natalie came last week to help with decorating my apartment (okay, we mostly talked and ate) and it started raining. On sheer instinct, Natalie and I ran out into the rain down to the pond right outside the apartment after I hurriedly shoved my camera into Jessica's hands.
The families of geese and ducks in the pond are amazing to watch. There are "teenaged" geese right now who don't quite have their act (or looks *chuckle*) together quite yet.

Like frames within a frame.
I couldn't bring myself to throw away the picture frame used for one of my favorite wedding pics of Andrew and me. So, why not get creative and use it??? It turned out looking SO cute and even my Dad commented on how great it looked! Score! Needless to say, I'm in love.

Like some Luck of the Irish with my keys
and hair braided back in Lord of the Rings style.
Always proud of my Irish blood. Andrew says he always thinks of me when he hears the song "The Star of the County Down". Yes, I'm the bare-footed lass with a head of nut-brown hair. Lacking the soft brown eyes... but that's another story of how Andrew used to think my eyes were brown before he discovered that they were, indeed, very deep blue. I will admit, many people think they are brown unless they get within an inch of my face (which tends to make most people uncomfortable). Just make sure that your beau, fiance, or husband know your eye-color, or else you may have to correct him in a romantic moment.
"You have such beautiful brown eyes, Rachel."
"Ummm... Andrew... they're blue."
And if you're single... write down on your "List of things he must be":
#497: Aware of my eye color!!
Just kidding.

Like the many colors on a single petal of the roses my Hubby brought home for me.
They sit at our table now, adding color and life and beauty.  There is nothing like seeing your weary, dirty husband walk through the door with a smile and a hand filled with flowers.  Makes the heart swell.
There are so many simple pleasures, I'm discovering.

What are some of those orbs of color and light that you have found in your life? If you have none, go find some! They aren't that hard to spot if you're looking.

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Mikailah said...

Wow... I just can't get use to hearing (or reading?) you say 'your husband'. How time flies!! :) I love the frame idea! How cute (and definitely creative!).

So nice to see your post on my Dashboard. And those flowers are beautiful. What a sweet gift. :)

May Jesus bless you today, and in the years to come.

Love in Christ,

P.S. Congrats again! :)