Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The One Month Mark

One month ago...
I got myself hitched.

How crazy and amazing is that?!

I apologize profusely for my lack of posts.

Our dear, sweet little apartment still lacks an internet connection,
so I am only able to check email or have
contact with with outside world when I walk down to the
main office where there is free WiFi and,
as I mentioned to my sweet friend, Abby,
oldies music playing in the background.

The first question everyone asks me must,
of course,
be answered here as well.
How is married life?

That is NOT an easy question to answer.
So I say, "Great!"

What I mean by that is:
Hard, yet Wonderful.
Imperfect, but Growing.
Heaped with Adjustments, Overflowing with Love.

I should just start saying that...

So, now to pictures!

Just so I can torment you a bit longer,
I'm not going to post wedding pics today.

Let's be real though!
There is SO much more to a wedding than the kissy pics!

One month and two days ago I was
decorating the reception hall.
Or, rather, making a poll barn
look like
a reception hall!

Thankfully, I had lots of help!

Thank you SO much to my
and Kimberly
(and anyone else I was too busy to notice)
for all of your help on that
insane and fun Thursday!

A view of the park where the
ceremony took place.

Sammie and Bekah at the
rehearsal on Friday.
Two very cute flower girls.

Daddy and the Bride.

Andrew with
Jake, Levi, Daniel, and Josh;
three great guys who travelled
a long way to be there and
one awesome little brother.

My wonderful friends:
Olivia, Hannah, Emily,
Amanda, Natalie, and Jessica!

A quick picture snapped of
Andrew and me!

Place cards for the rehearsal dinner.

Lots of amazing people.

A special gift...
Years ago, I gave my Dad a decorative key that
represented the key to my heart and
asked him to guard it until the time came to
give the key to the man I would spend the
rest of my life with.
So, at the dinner, Dad gave me back the
key to my heart, and
I gave it to Andrew.
It was a very sweet time.

Then things got crazy.
As I recall, the guys were talking about
blowing things up.
I found my happy place.

It was really a great time.
Thanks to everyone who made that day come together.
A special thanks to the "South Dakota Group" for the
incredible amount of work you put in
(and also for making me feel so comfortable with
you all, despite having just met you!  I look forward
to spending more time with you all, as the Lord
Thanks also to Will and Theresa for the pictures!

I promise
wedding pics are coming!
Make sure to check back soon!

God bless!

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Blythe said...

Oh,looks like fun. I CAN'T wait for the wedding pictures I'm sure you were a beyond beautiful bride!

1 month and 2 weeks until my brothers wedding,I need to start working on my bridesmaid dress. 0_0