Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Every Little Moment

With a list of things to do
and three days till the
what better thing is there than to sit at my
laptop and write
one last post as a
single gal.

Special note slipped under my door by my special brother,
Josh.  Thank you so much, buddy!  I love you too!
Last week was a whirlwind of
seeing family,
spending time with siblings,
laughing and crying,
and just remembering to

At the local antique store
Jessica, Natalie, and I went on our last
about a week ago.
We had SUCH a good time together.

We drank smoothies,
goofed off at the park,
did girl-stuff.
I love you both so much,
you are two of my dearest friends.

I also had an "early Mother's Day"
with my lovely Mom.
Okay... the truth is that I HATE
waiting to give gifts,
so I ended up giving it to her
two days early.

I really do have the best parents in the
there's no denying it.

This week has included
TONS of last-minute shopping,
hanging out with my man
(who flew in last Saturday,
sorry for the lack of pictures!),
running around like a crazy woman,
getting an apartment,
Andrew's job getting figured out,
(Praise God for both the job and the apartment!),
contacting tons of people with wedding details,
and the list goes on...

Thank you so much to those who have
prayed for me (and for Andrew)
over the last few months.
God is SO good.

I'm not certain when my next post will be,
but I promise I will be back!

Farewell, blogging-as-a-single-gal years...
the parting is bitter-sweet.
But much more sweet than bitter.
I'm thankful for every
moment God has given me
in this part of my story, but
I know a new chapter awaits and can't
wait to see what the

God bless, my dear friends!


Eyebright L said...

Oh, how exciting! What an exciting new adventure to be embarking upon. Congratulations!

Mikailah said...

Wow... how the time flies! :) May the Lord bless your wedding day, and your life together. I will be waiting for pictures!!! ;)


P.S. I love the pictures; family is such a tremendous blessing.

Melanie said...

Rejoicing for and with you, Rachel! May His sweet peace overwhelm your heart over the next couple days...looking forward to pictures if and when you are able to share. <3

With love,

Kelsey said...

I am so happy for u!! You are probably married by now! So I will say a big congratulations! To you and your husband :-)I will be praying for you ....Oh and I can not wait to see pictures of the wedding!

Blessings to you and your family,

Nina said...

Congratulations Rachel! :) May God bless you and Andrew as you step into this new stage of life together! I have really appreciated your blog, and I hope you continue. :)

Caitlin said...

Rachel! You have been in my thoughts! So sad that I missed the wedding (silly graduation!). Congratulations and blessings to you and Andrew!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations hope u and your man have happy life together. Really want to see wedding pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wedding Pictures????

Hannah said...

Late congratulations to you! I am so excited for your new life together and can't wait to see wedding pictures :)