Saturday, May 5, 2012

In My Life...

I've been spending as much time as
possible with my
beautiful new camera...
an unexpected birthday present.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
I'd like to introduce you to my
("Dom" for short).

At the end of April
I enjoyed taking pics of the
kids all playing outside.
They are such a
loverly bunch.

Natalie and I both couldn't
quite get the hang of
I've heard that some girls struggle with
hand-eye cordination.
We definitely do.

Danny-boy on his swing.

Josh and Sammie-Dee.

Jessie was kind enough to
take this pic of me with my
youngest four
Thanks, sis!!!

My amazing brothers.
Could they be
oh *ahem*
excuse me,
more handsome?

The two little ladies,
Sammie-Dee and Bekah Ann.

Danny with his big smile...
melts me.

One of my new favorites...
Baby and a bird nest.

And, since I love you all so much...

*drum roll*
Here are two pics to show you a
little of what I've been up to
recently with
wedding stuff!

Center pieces for the reception...
keeping it very simple and natural.

And a bridesmaid bouquet...
Light pinks, maroons, and rosettes from
antique book pages.

And yes, I've been making these myself
and have enjoyed it

Two weeks till the wedding!
It is coming SO fast!

One week till I see Andrew!
Can't wait!

May you all have a blessed night and Sunday tomorrow!


Vicki said...

Great pics! ^^ What kind of camera is it?

And your bouquets are looking great! I love the idea of the paper rosettes!


Melanie said...

Ah, so excited for you, sweet friend! Thanks for sharing. <3 I love the rosettes out of the pages...

ginanorma said...

You are really enjoying your new camera, that is great, lovely pictures you've gotten!!!

Lily Marie said...

So excited for wedding pics! God bless you dear! =)
Safe in Him,