Monday, April 30, 2012

Because pictures are just fun!

As a gift to me for my
birthday this month,
my sister,
did a photo-shoot with me!
I thought I would
share my
She did such a good job
and it was a
blast editing and
putting in some special effects!

Rocking out...
Sorry... the pun was too tempting!

This picture and the
next one are two of my

This journal and I have
quite a history
It's amazing to see how I've
changed as I read words from
years ago...
sadly, its almost full and I will need to
replace it soon.

Thank you SO much, Natalie!
You are becoming a very
talented photographer!

Just as a side-note for my wonderful
all of these pictures were taken with my
Dad's cell phone!
Talk about a gifted photographer!!!

God bless!


ginanorma said...

Really really fun and happy birthday!

That one of just your face is BEAUTIFUL. Really enjoyed these, fun edits:)

Vicki said...

These are lovely photos! You look beautiful!
Honestly, I found it a bit hard to believe these pictures were taken on a cell phone--they look great!


Kelsey said...

You are beautiful!!!! And your sis is very talented:) Great pictures!


Blessings in Christ,

PS: I would love to see a post of all the wedding preparations that are takeing place:-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am sure you are really cherishing these last couple of weeks with your sisters! ~Jordan