Monday, April 16, 2012

Time Travel...

Putting together
pictures for a slideshow at the
wedding has meant
diving into
piles and piles of
old photos.
Its felt overwhelming at
but has been more
fun than
So, I thought I would
share some of the

Here I am...
only a few months old.
Bright and alert, of course!

I was born about one
month before my
parents' second
I am told that I was
"kind of the second born child"
since my Mom already had a
dog she

I love the look of
old photos...
I also love the little
dresses my
Mom put me

See what I mean?!
Who doesn't love to see
littles girls in
pink dresses?

"Beauty and the Beast"
was already my
favorite Walt Disney
Princess movie.

Still is!
"Tangled" comes in
*runs and hides from avid "Tangled" fans*

Oh... the good old days when
I looked cute in

Ye old bangs...
I'm one of those people who can
figure out about how
old I am in pictures by how my
hair is cut!

Playing outside...
always loved the
I have very few memories of my
childhood that
DON'T include either
being outside
reading a book.

Oh look!
No bangs!

I still make this expression...
Some things never change.

And I still love
warm, yummy

I had to include this pic...
Dolly was my
favorite pet
She was a blue-hooded rat and,
for two years,
she spent at least some time
every day with
Most people were
freaked out by her...
but she was

Dressing up has
also always been a great
love of

Ohhh... and off was cut the
maiden's long
I had my hair layered for a little over a
I liked it quite a bit...
on the days that my hair
did what it was supposed to do!

And a little over a year
my hair grew out pretty fast.

Sweet Sixteen here!
I can't believe how fast the
years have gone by
since then!

Getting older...

One of my senior pics
two years ago.
And I haven't changed much since then!

Hope you enjoyed walking down
Memory Lane
with me.
Watch for another post later this week...
I'll be posting some pictures that
*barely* made it into the
slideshow and some
others that
Hope you'll be in the mood to laugh.

God bless!


Blythe said...

In the photo of after the one where you got your cut short and layered. You look like Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember.

Leah Nicolette said...

You were a cute little girl that grew into a beautiful young woman of God.

Leah Nicolette

Melanie said...

So, so sweet, Rachel. <3

Anna Grace said...

So you were pretty much the cutest baby ever! I miss you so much! I haven't manged to find a piano teacher quite like you, thank you for th hours you spent with me and for putting up with my insolence.(;

love, anna

Breezy said...

These are precious! I wish we had met when we were little, we would have had so much fun together. See you soon! : )