Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Getaway Part 1: The Journey and Arrival!

It truly was the
"calm before the storm".
This overnight getaway last week was
such a blessing and
SO much fun!
Now that wedding preperations are in
full swing, I thought I'd
post some pics from the

It was about a three-hour
drive to one of our favorite
vacation spots.
So, for course,
there was much goofing off!

Don't let their sweet,
innocent smiles
fool you!

Spirits high!
This was still in the
first hour of the ride.

Natalie putting up with me as I
fool around with the

Stopping for lunch at one of our
favorite places.
My Mom has loved eating there since she was a
little girl and I can remember
visiting since I was very young.


Enjoying my Root Beer.

Natalie enjoying hers
a little too much.

*shakes head and decides to move on
without further explanation*

Very old-fahsioned decor!
So extremely amazing!

On the road again...

Very bored...

Jessie trying to find a
radio signal...
very long story...


The middle living room and
kitchen joining the
two bedrooms.

Jessie showing off the cool
We've had the same television at
home for as long as I can remember!
It doesn't take much to impress us!

What can I say???
I liked the shower!

Three second-story balconies that made
our loverly "back deck".

Look for Part 2 soon!
Life has been very busy here,
 but I will make an effort to post more pics.

God bless!

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