Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beauty and the Bubbles

My sweet sister, Jessie, was able to spend a couple days with Andrew and me this week!
What a loverly time we had! 

Lots of chips and salsa.
Other unhealthy meals.
Ice cream.
Gallons of coffee.
Staying up late watching movies.
Sleeping in.
Doing lots of dishes.
Duets with keyboard and violin!!!!
This quick photo-shoot:

Sisters are a blessing, right?
Of course right!
Thanks for making my week so crazy-awesome, Jessie!
Love you!

By the way!!!
Today is the two-month anniversary of Andrew and me being a wedded couple!!!
So thankful to the Lord for how He has been working on our relationship, bringing us closer and growing us. It's been so great!

What's been going on this week for you, my friends?
Hopefully I'll be posting pics of my recent sewing projects soon!  It's been fun getting the ol' sewing machine out recently!!!

God bless!

1 comment:

Mikailah said...

What a blessing sisters are! :) I am the youngest of 4 sisters {and 4 brothers} so we always have fun when the gang gets together. ;) And the hairstyles are so beautiful!! I love the braids. Lovely post, Rachel.

God bless you and your 'lil family. :)