Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunshine and Raindrops

The weather outside my window mirrors my soul.

Sunlight streams down from the broad heavens... so radient.

Rain tumbles down softly from the sky as well... so unexpected.

Incredible to stand in the bright glow of the sun
and feel rain gently splashing again my skin.

My life has been sunshine and raindrops recently.

Peaceful days and fun-filled evenings, sunshine and beauty.

Turbulent emotions and a restless heart, raindrops and struggles.

Thunder rumbles from a blue sky...  my soul cries back... understanding the confusion.

I'm praying to You, Voice of Thunder and Quiet Whisper,
Give me Your peace as rain falls from my clear skies.
Give my Your heart as wind blows and as sun shines.
And when I wander Lord, forgive me.

Let my life be a praise-filled song to You alone,
No matter what the weather.

Let me ever see Your grace and love,
Even as rain falls against my face.

Let me look beyond this life, up towards the light of the Son,
And find His joy in my life, even in the eye of the storm.

I ask this in the name far above any other, the name that brings nations to their knees:

The glorious name of the Savior, Jesus.


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