Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh Time, Why the Rush?

Sometimes there is nothing like
beautiful pictures
from the
I'm thankful that I've always loved photography.

I can't believe how much
Little Samantha
has changed since this
picture was

And these two fair maidens...
The older's hair is shorter,
her eyes slightly older.
The younger's hair has hairspray
instead of tangles,
and she is taller than the older.

I do adore pictures like these.
It takes me back to a time of innocence.
A place I took for granted.
And it makes me want time to stand still
so I can savor each moment a bit longer.

A time of swishing princess skirts,
Unruly, long hair.
Sunshine smiles.

Oh, fleeting Time!
Why do we not heed the warnings of those gone before?

We are told to enjoy this time.
But all we want is tomorrow,
or next year.

And, before we know it,
gone is the slender, boyish form.
Unbrushed hair,
except on sick days,
is unacceptable.
Farewell to the time when you could eat
a gallon of ice cream and
not have to work out afterwards.

You discover that you won't ever be a princess of India,
or an explorer of some exotic place.
The hammock is no longer a canoe on the
Lewis and Clark expedition.
The mud after a rainstorm is just mud...
instead of the Egyptian brick-pits
in the time of Moses.
And you wonder how you ever fit into that certain costume.

I want to hold on...
now that childhood is gone.
I want to know that it isn't too late.
There are still amazing moments to be made.
Flowers to be picked.
A sun to smile at.
Puddles to jump in.

Oh Lord... give me your eyes so that I may
stop and see.
Let me see as You would have me see...
With eyes of innocence.
Eyes of hope.

The eyes of a child.


Mikailah said...

That is so beautiful Rachel... And such priceless pictures! :)

Rachel Keeth said...

Beautiful post! I love it!