Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lazy Days...

Lazy old day
Rolling away
Dreaming the day away
Don't want to go
Now that I'm in the flow
Crazy amazing day

One red balloon
Floats to the moon
Just let it fly away
I only know
That I'm longing to go
Back to my lazy day

And how it sings and how it sighs
And how it never stays
And how it rings and how it cries
And how it sails away... away... away....

~Enya (A Day Without Rain)

The song says it all.
No, my day hasn't involved red balloons.
But its been one of those lazy days.

Book reading.
Soup eating.
And I think the whole family is feeling it.

This semi-wet,
breezy weather.
Here at the tail-end of
Can you believe September is almost over?
I'm not ready for it to be.

This picture proves that I,
yes even I,
have down days when I don't dress in the
height of fashion.
(Though I tried to pull off the "model" expression)

A long jean skirt and a
warm, yummy sweatshirt
are best
I hope you have discovered how pleasant
the simple can be
some days.

My hairstyle was extremely easy to do...
Wow... am I actually trying to do a hair-tutorial on my
official lazy day??
I'll go for it, I guess.

I took the hair at the top of my head back with a clip,
leaving two semi-thick strands down in the front.
Then I took the two strands back with bobby-pins
layering them over the clip.

I pulled all of my hair back into a pony-tail after that,
then twisted my hair around the pony-tail loosely
untill only a about 5-6 inches remained.
I pinned my hair in place, leaving the ends loose.

Using a curling iron,
I put in a couple curls and then
secured it all with hairspray.
I got jealous looks from my Mom and two teenaged sisters...
so it can't look that bad! 
It would look cute without the curls too...
just pin up all of your hair.
I was going for a Jane Austen look though,
so there had to be curls involved!

I'm lovin' my lazy day.
My long jean skirt and
my big Old Navy sweatshirt.
Hope you have a loverly day too!

God bless!


Mikailah said...

Ah... lazy days are so nice. Especially in the fall. ;) And I really *really* like your hairstyle!!! I must try that!
Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

Blessings in Christ,

Hope's Treasures said...

I love that song, it always makes me think on summer though thats when my sister and I fell in love with Enya's music. lazy days are the best.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Such a sweet post! I love how you did your hair, just lovely! :)