Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coffee Day...

I confess...
I have them.
*sigh of pleasure*
Coffee days...

Found at a gas station on a roadtrip... I was instantly in love!

Partly because I *love* mugs.
Or anything that holds a hot drink.
We have so many good mugs in our house.
They just have to be used, right?

Either a garage sale or Goodwill... great places to find mugs!!!

And sometimes it isn't coffee...
maybe an herbal tea.
At least tea doesn't bother my stomach like coffee does.

Special present from loving friends that are more like family.  :-)

There are just some mornings that,
despite knowing that my body doesn't handle coffee very well,
I just have to fill a cup with the steaming,
strong liquid...
Pour in a tiny bit of milk...
maybe a tiny bit of honey (if I'm in a "sweet" mood)...
And just sip the warm, bitter goodness.

A gift from Dad... "I love you most ardently". 
Who needs Mr. Darcy when your DAD can say it??!

There's something peaceful about a hot drink...
no matter if its coffee, tea, coa-coa...
Sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen...
crunching my toast, sipping my coffee,
I feel very still.
And I've been needing that recently. 

Another gas station... only it was a prize!

As I sit with my coffee, I think:
No wonder God tells us to
"be still and know that I am God".
Our world is so busy doing
that we all forget to just

Me... and a Scripture mug... now I can study the Bible
while drinking my coffee!!!  :-)

So, let the warm liquid of your choice
flow through and warm you.
Don't rush.
Just be and know.
Sometimes I feel like those times are
what makes the day what it is.
I find myself praying, thinking more
when I am sitting still and being...
with a smile on my face
and a coffee cup in my hand.

Have a blessed day!

1 comment:

Mikailah said...

I love coffee! :) And those mugs are adorable! :) I have my own mug (with horses) and I drink tea more than coffee. But I LOVE coffee! ;)

Love in Him,