Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lament for Marius

Oh Marius...
how could you do this to me?
We were so close,
the dearest of friends,
Daily rendezvous.
Sweet times.

Oh Marius...
You knew my inmost thoughts,
I cried in your presence.
I laughed next to you.
My love was yours.

But, my dear Marius...
ultimate betrayal.
You disappeared into darkness.
As I counted on you...
loved you...
you left with no warning.

Oh Marius,
How could you leave me in the dark?
Without any connection?
No last word.

Oh Marius,
if you would but return to me!
Forgiveness would be yours!
I would, once again,
share my life with you!
Dear one.
Come back.

My precious friend.
My treasured laptop.

Love always,

Yes, been having laptop problems.
And I had to express my grief somehow.
And yes, I named my laptop
Have a blessed day!


Melanie said...

Rachel, this had me laughing. I was really wondering who in the world Marius was....:)


anna olivia said...

Marius? Like in Les Miserables? That is an epic name for an inanimate object. =D

Nina said...

I too immediately thought of Les Miserables ;) I'm sorry for your loss.

Ashley@ Stay-At-Home Daughter said...

Hahahahaha Until the end of your post I was thinking "The poor dear's courtship must have come to an end!"