Thursday, September 15, 2011

Of Picnics and Pickle-Ball...

This evening my family packed the van with a cooler, two big quilts, lots of sweatshirts, and drove to the park on the outskirts of town for supper.

The weather with perfect.  A nippy breeze and yummy food!

Cute babies in sweatshirts!  YUM!

Jessie and Bekah.

Snuggling close, enjoying family time!

Jessie brought the book-bag I made her and I had to take a picture!

Natalie loves grapes!!!

I love grapes too...

I love food!!!  Who doesn't???

Again, lovin' grapes!!!  They were so sweet and crisp tonight too!

Natalie and her BLT
(that's Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato for all of you deprived people who have never had one and, hence, don't know what "BLT" means!).

Danny-Boy... oh, Danny-Boy...
That's kinda cute,
Maybe I'll write a song!

Jessie and her beloved, much devoured, sandwich.

My scrumptious supper!

Bekah being unbearably cute.

Sammie enjoying her lettuce...

The whole family (except Yours Truly!).

Danny and Bekah playing out in the grass.

Natalie has always loved to climb trees...
Even getting older she can't resist a good challenge!

So today she climbed a football... thing. 
What are those things called?
As you can tell, I'm so into sports...

Love ya, Nat!

The two J's... Jessie and Josh!

Josh doesn't like kissies!!!

Apparently neither does Dad!!!
Love their expressions...

After supper, Dad played with the kids while Jessie, Natalie, Mom, and I played Pickle-Ball.
It's a cross between ping-pong and tennis.

Having fun with the camera as the gals play.

This shot was taken before either a really good return swing...
or a really pathetic miss.
You never know with unprofessional us!

Special effects...  I really love them!!!
I actually didn't have to do much to these pics...
They looked great the way they were.
God showed His amazing love for me tonight by gratifying my photographer itch for something new!


My feet... getting ready to join the game!

What a glorious evening!!!
I played Pickle-Ball with the gals and another lady from church for a while...
then we went home to search for our runaway dog that escaped in our absence.
Don't worry.
She's found and safe.

I got lots of walking in though, trudging through town, yelling for a dog...
Already worn out from playing a game...
But, hey!
It still has been such a glorious evening!

What does your family do for fun in the evenings???

God bless!


Mikailah said...

Wow... fabulous pictures, Rachel! :) Looks like a wonderful family time. <3 I *love* the expressions on those 2 pictures! :D So priceless.

My family likes to read, play games, (inside and out), and talk. :) We love going on 'midnight' walks, and sitting around the fire pit drinking tea. ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Blessings in Christ,

Caiti Marie said...

This is kind of an off-topic question, but...
Have you read that book in the book bag? That's our family's favorite author. Quite a feat, since there are six readers in the family!
I like the book bag, by the way. :-) And having a picnic like that seems a very fun way to spend the evening.

Rachel Keeth said...

That looks like a wonderful time! I am really looking forward to Fall this year!

We have been sick in the past so we have not done much in the past few years but we enjoy playing games together. We really like Apples To Apples and Wii Sports Resort. Hopefully now that our health is better we can start doing more things together outside.

Megan and Abby said...

Wow, Rae, sounds like a lot of fun. It's just beginning to cool down enough to do things outside now, but still to hot for tennis, or for that matter, pickle-ball!! :)

I love seeing pics of the family. Keep posting!