Friday, May 4, 2018

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"A changing body is not a ruined body."

As I get closer to Haven's due date, I've found myself thinking about my last postpartum experience and what things I hope are different this time around. Besides hoping for a swift recovery, the key thing I'm desiring to be easier is accepting and loving the newest form my body takes. I have new stretch marks in new places because of carrying differently. I've gained about the same amount of weight so far. I've lost endurance and energy again due to severe nausea in the first two trimesters (with occasional issues here in my last trimester). This time I am definitely better prepared for how different my body will look, but there's still the temptation to buy oversized clothing for after Haven is born to hide my figure. Regardless of those insecurities and how I know people can talk so cruelly about others, I'm determined to walk the postpartum path this time without shame of the journey my body has gone through. Let me say it loudly, OUR BODIES ARE MEANT TO CHANGE WITH DIFFERENT LIFE SEASONS. These changes should never decrease our value in anyone's eyes (including our own). If it does, there is great need for a heart-change. I refuse to fight with or hate myself. I will not live in limbo till I "get my body back". I never lost my body. I'm still very much living in it and won't belittle the miracle it has gone through to produce two beautiful children simply because it has been altered. I hope that my unapologetic postpartum journey can be an encouragement to those around me to embrace their own stories with confidence. God created our bodies to grow and change as our lives grow and change. It is worth embracing. It is beautiful. ♥️♥️♥️

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Kristen Billings said...

I definitely agree! God made women to be able to give LIFE! Our bodies are amazing! With both of my children, I had a hard time accepting the way I looked after giving birth, especially with my son who just turned 7 weeks old. But a different body doesn't mean bad. Very good post! speaks to me today...