Monday, March 31, 2014

one step closer

Sweater Blouse ~ Bealls Outlet
White Lace Skirt ~ Meijer
Gray Cami ~ Walmart
Black Flats ~ Thrifted
Floral Scarf ~ Walmart
Pearl Stud Earrings (not pictured) ~ Walmart

I love lace. 
It is so perfectly feminine and whimsical.  So, of course, I was very excited to find this lovely skirt on sale for only $5 at Meijer!  It was a tad too short for my liking, so I added a lace trim to the hem and voila!  I received several compliments on this skirt when I wore it and, while it is dressy, it was very comfortable to wear!  Score!

I found this blouse while on my vacation in Florida earlier this year.  It is made of a lovely, soft material.  I love how it is flowy, yet still fitted enough to wear with a skirt!  And whenever I wear it, my sister always comments on how much she wants it, which is most definitely a bonus.  ;-)

Yesterday was a crazy day!  It included church, family time, shopping, laughing, driving, and *finally* some relaxation in the evening.  Andrew and I were on the rode by eight a.m. to get to church before worship team practice at nine.  We were able to play and sing beautiful songs with the congregation, sing a special duet together, and have now officially stepped down from our roles leading worship at our church. 
We are one step closer to leaving Indiana for our new life in Utah.  It is bitter-sweet to see these little events take place that bring us nearer to our departure.  We now have one month until our lease ends, one more month of living with my family (can't wait!!!), and then we are scheduled to leave the first week of June.  It is so exciting, but it is hard as well.  Please continue to pray for us!  We appreciate it so much!

Also, if you haven't read it already, please take a moment to read last week's post featuring my Mom is a guest writer!  The second installment of this series will be posted soon!



Natasha Atkerson said...

Great outfit, Rachel !
I guess I missed that you're moving-hope it goes smoothly for you!
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Hannah Barta said...

That lace skirt is adorable!

I hope everything goes well with your move. . .that must be so difficult. I'll be praying for you!