Saturday, March 8, 2014

sister magic

At seven-thirty yesterday morning I was roused by her voice carrying from the living room as she belted out "Let it Go".

The sun rose on a beautiful March morning and we opened the windows around noon to let in the fresh, crisp air.

She painted me a picture of spring.

We strolled alongside the frozen pond, shoes and socks soggy from the melting snow.

She marveled at the patterns of the ice and the warmth of the sunshine.

We laughed.  We talked about books and movies and animals.

She raved about Andrew and how much she'd been looking forward to staying with us once more before we move far away.  She certainly didn't mind that she'd slept on a couch the night before.

We cleaned my kitchen and packed a bin of decorations together.  We played games and sang. 

We talked about the differences of Indiana and Utah.  She didn't like how hot it would get for me in the summers, but thought being able to see mountains would be great.

She shared very strong opinions on many subjects... and, of course, that sounds like no one else I know.

She showed me how she is growing up so quickly, yet is still so young, innocent, and all things beautiful.

Eleven years of life-length difference disappeared and we were just two girls having fun.

Like magic, she made me feel better.  Vibrant.

Sisters have a way of doing that.

I love you, Sammie Dee.  You are such a blessing in my life.

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Marianela said...

Lovely post, Rachel. :) It makes me treasure my own sisters even more. <3