Saturday, May 25, 2013

Viva la vita

Oh, life.  It is so precious.  Priceless.  It is the little things like a walk with someone you love.

It is being taught how to fish on a quiet evening.  Catching your first fish.  And squealing like a little girl when you do so.

It is learning to find beauty in difficult places.  Being strong when you want to fall apart.  Learning who you can fall apart with and who will help you come back together.

It is looking.  It is seeing.

It is never taking for granted the fact that you are loved.  It is being filled and then overflowing onto others.

It is tiny flowers in a dense forest.

It is taking chances.  Taking journeys.

It is forgiving.

It is a bunch of young people gathered to eat hot dogs and smores.  It is them gathered around a Bible or a campfire.

It is fellowship.  It is reaching in and reaching out.

It is sisters who are best friends.  It is cherishing the similarities and the differences.

It is encouraging.  It is listening.  It is being close, being open.

It is learning from the past.  It is looking forward, always forward.

It is laughing.  Hard and loud. 

It is late spring nights and glow-sticks.

It is family who blow bubbles over a campfire just to see what it looks like.
It is singing together into the dark.

It is sitting around a campfire until you are nodding off. 

And it is all.  So.  Beautiful.

 Viva la vita!  Long live life!


Jessica said...

Love the pictures, Rachel! And I love those yellow flowers, especially how they are growing around the rocks. Have you read 'Hinds Feet on High Places'? Whenever I see a yellow flower, especially alone or growing in a hard place, I always think of the flower in there called 'Acceptance-with-Joy' :)
"It is never taking for granted the fact that you are loved." I like that :)

Patrizia said...

Beautiful, Rachel. So, so true & it truly is the little things in life that mean the most & bless the most :) family & friends ~


Anonymous said...

Thank You Rachel, that was very encouraging.