Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Favorites {No. 31} SO much to share!

 So, so, so many pictures.  I really tried to level them down to a less-crazy amount.  Hope ya'll enjoy this peek at the last couple of weeks in my life.

Out for Mexican with my Mom, Jess, and Andrew.

Saying goodbye to our old apartment...

I am definitely missing the beautiful pond out back.

Self portrait: packing up the house and really feeling this shirt!

Andrew driving the moving van (don't worry, he got buckled!).

Random picture of my new purse... birthday present that I LOVE.

One of our new fish, Ronon.  He is a Tiger Oscar and has such a personality!  When Andrew feeds him, Ronon will actually jump out of the water to grab the food from his fingers!

New fish #2!  This is Malcolm.  We recently had one of our cichlids die, so we replaced him with this pretty Peacock Cichlid.

The day after we finished moving, my family went for a little getaway.  Andrew and I joined them for one of the days.

I just love how pretty this place is... so rustic and simply amazing!  (Also love taking pictures of my beautiful family members there!)

 Where we hang out to play checkers.

My handsome man!

Sammie hanging out with me in my new (HUGE) living room.  She loves my "fainting couch".

 Natalie on Sunday afternoon...


Proof that I can make up recipes that taste good!  :-P
Our cupboard was getting a bit bare, so I had to get creative for a couple of our meals.

I just love the look of lists completely finished!

I made this fancy-looking drink the other day.  Actually, nothing really fancy, just makes it look incredible (hence it tastes even better than normal!).

Samantha with me at our new pond!  We have to walk just a little bit to get to it as the pond isn't right out back, but it still is really fun.

Family of ducks!!!


Geese certainly aren't as sweet, but I'm willing to forgive them for hissing at me since their baby is so adorable right now.

I hope you all had a wonderful week!  I certainly have enjoyed the last few weeks.  There have definitely been some hard times and struggles that I am still working through, but the Lord is so good.  He has provided so much and I know He will continue too.

God bless!

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