Thursday, May 16, 2013

Home Sweet Apartment

Pictures of my new home at last!  I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to post pictures of her house until it looks exactly the way she wants... but this time I've decided to forget that and just share what our home looks like now (with some fun "before" pictures so you can see how far we've come!). 

This is our living room when we first moved into this wonderful new home.  You can sort of see how our ceilings are vaulted in the top picture.  I LOVE vaulted ceilings!

Our new living room is almost twice the size of our old one, which is such a blessing!  We were able to get a new (used) couch/loveseat/"fainting chair" set, which is fantastic!  I'm still trying to find affordable pillows and curtains for this room; I want to do a very light, airy, robin's egg blue.  We will be hanging a mirror over the couch (if we can find one for a decent price) and will be hanging our unity cross on the wall where the fish tank is (hopefully with some kind of Scripture wall-decal).

One more note:  I just LOVE the two huge windows on either side of our computer desk!!!  I love how bright my home is!

Next to my couch is this little shelf full of some of our favorite books.  The rest of our books are on a shelf in the guest room closet to save space, but I did want SOME of our books out where I could see them.  :-)

My Mom and I put this little "Loveseat Nook" together one day when she was visiting.  There's a lamp for reading your favorite books, coasters for your mug of coffee, and a fish to observe you.  ;-)

Okay, moving on to the kitchen!

All empty when we first moved in...

That soon changed!  I really wondered if it would ever be clean.

I took a day and got the whole place organized and decorated.  I'm still looking for gingham-ish curtains with a red/light yellow color scheme.  I found a pattern I really liked at Menards... maybe!!!

And yes, in case you were wondering, in my home "love gathers here" belongs on the food pantry door.  ;-)

The hallway off of the living room leads back to (l-r in the bottom picture) the washroom, guest room, linen closet, master bedroom, and guest bathroom.

Washroom!!!  In our last apartment, the washer and dryer were tucked away in a closet, stacked on top of each other (so you had to hold the washer lid up to keep it open the whole time you were loading laundry). 

This washroom is such an amazing blessing when it comes to doing laundry (which I actually do quite a bit of, since Andrew comes home from work each day smelling terrible!).  We also have an incredible amount of storage space now.

Guest room/craft room/music room.

We trashed it pretty quickly when we first moved in.  Jessie and Natalie slept in here on our air mattress while they stayed with us and helped with the move.

All clean!!!  This room is plenty big for what needs to be in there.  There still are several things that need to be moved in, but it definitely looks a lot better now!

Guest bathroom before...

This is my bird bathroom!  I just love it!  Don't you want to come visit me now that you've seen my guest bathroom???  ;-)

Master bedroom before...

Hehe... we made quite a mess of this room while moving in!

All tidied!  As you can kind of see, the master bathroom is across from our bed and the walk-in closet is next to our dresser.  This room is bigger than our old bedroom, which is SO nice.  It is so spacious and very well laid out.  I can't say it enough: I love my new home! 

Our closet during the move... :-P

Closet all clean!

The master bathroom... all messy at first...

Now it is full of owls, much to my baby sister, Bekah's, delight!  When she was at our house recently, she told us a story about owls and this big sissie took SO much pleasure in walking her to the bathroom and watching her eyes widen when she saw all of the owls inside!  :-)

So, here's my sweet new home.  I cannot express just how thankful and blessed we are to be living in such a nice place.  The Lord has truly taken care of us in so many ways.  There have been hard times, there are struggles, and there will be other hardships to come... but the Lord is so faithful to His beloved.  And, honestly, just being called His beloved should always be enough.

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for me.  I definitely am still in need of prayer as there is no "quick fix" for some of the things going on in my life right now, but the Lord continues to help me when I am discouraged and to give me joy, even if it is just from minute to minute.  Thank you, precious Savior.

Hope you all have a blessed day!!!


Natasha Atkerson said...

Congratulations on your new home! It's lovely! I think when I get my own house, I'd really like to decorate in old fashioned stuff-like your fainting couch, awesome!
I found this awesome partition thingy (like in the old movies where they change behind it, it folds into three pieces) it was white and had distressing on part of it-awesome!

Do you have a World Market near you? They have some awesome decorations, most of the stuff was decently priced (they had pillows and things too, which is why I mention it)

*sniff*sniff* I can't believe the Doctor Who season is already over! One more, so sad! But now, it's on to looking forward to the 50th anniversary special!

I will definintely keep praying for you, sorry you're having a hard time of things. Remember, you're never alone when you have a relationship with Jesus.
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Rachel said...


My style of decorating is very much vintage meets shabby/chic. :-) I just adore old fashioned stuff... I love soft curves instead of harsh lines, so I much prefer vintage over modern. :-) I also love the outdoors and the earthy styles, so having a bird bathroom and vines over picture frames or windows is SO me.

I don't think we have a World Market near us... the only times I've ever been to one was out-of-state. :-( I loved it though! Wish there was one here! Maybe it's just hiding from me somewhere...

Thanks for your sweet comment and your prayers!


Sereina Charise said...

Glad your loving your new home! I like how you decorated, especially in the guest bathroom. Bird decor is like my super favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

What an adorable place, Rachel! Y'all must be so happy. ♥

PrincessR said...

How fun! I really enjoyed all the pictures! What I loved the most was the messy-still-moving-in pictures! That is life, but it is a relief to see that someone else can move in, make a mess, but still get life back together again! Thanks for posting those pics!

Yes! I do want to come visit! What fun! :wink: