Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites {No. 32} Crazy May!

Natalie and Nana... queens of expressions!

 This last week has included SO much!  It was a great combination of busy, fun, and simple days.  One of the great things I was able to take part in was a Mother/Daughter Banquet last weekend with my sister, Mom, and Nana.

Jessie and Sammie

 The theme was "Hats Off to Moms"... so we all got to wear fun hats in many different styles.

I made a special gift for my Mom this year for Mother's Day and it included sneaking some pictures of my siblings' profiles.  They turned out to be awesome pictures just by themselves:

Jessie.. so pretty, as always.

Natalie... classy and lovely.

Josh... so dapper!

Samantha... picture of sweetness.

Daniel... so Peter Pan!  And take a look at these eyelashes!  :-D

Bekah... precious, I so love her smile!

Finished product (including profiles of Andrew and me).  Mom was SO surprised and really loved her gift.  It is now hanging in my parents' living room.

Mom's other gift from Andrew and me was a t-shirt from one of her favorite shows, Duck Dynasty.


 Another thing that happened this last week was Andrew's birthday (as some of you might remember from his birthday post).  Many of you probably don't know this, but my Dad has a great sense of humor (usually very dry, awesome humor!).  This year, to brighten Andrew's day, Dad tried to make him feel awesome by writing this on the envelope of his b-day card!

 AND Dad left Andrew a special note on the inside of the card too!

I. Love. My. Dad.

One very special present Andrew received was this German stein set.  Andrew and I love things that speak of our background and since Andrew is half German, these were perfect for a shelf in our kitchen.

 Because America is such a melting pot, it is really neat when you meet people who actually know exactly where they come from.  Andrew's grandmother came over from Germany as a young woman and can remember the Russians coming into Germany at the end of WW2 when she was still a small girl.  It was amazing talking to her about it!!!  Andrew and I both love history, by the way, and both loved studying the time surrounding WW2 when we were both still in school.

 Simple days were in this week too... is anyone else really happy that there is more fresh fruit in stores now that it's warming up???

Sweet Bekah Ann presented me with these flowers Wednesday evening.  They are still in water in my kitchen and are such a reminder to me of how truly blessed my life is.

I have other flowers in my kitchen that are actually blooming and I thought I'd take a picture (I am famous for killing plants... so this is proof that I CAN keep things alive!).  Prettiness!

This weekend is going to be nuts between my parents' anniversary, my sister's birthday, AND Andrew's and my FIRST ANNIVERSARY this Sunday!  I can hardly believe how fast time is going!!!

Hope you all have an amazing Friday!
God bless!


Hannah Elise said...

Oh, happy anniversary! That is so exciting. I'm going to go back and look at all your wedding pictures :)

Scott Ledbetter said...

Happy Anniversary! LOL, you're not the only one famous for killing plants! I've tried so hard to keep alive plants that I get, but something always happens to them! I recently had a thing of geraniums that I purchased at Walmart, but I wasn't able to give them enough sunlight. I hope my next attempt will turn out better! Blessings to you and your husband,