Saturday, September 8, 2012

life lessons

I'm learning so much about life...

that it is not always perfect hair and makeup, a dreamy look in the eyes, the perfect kiss, mouth-watering food, hot coffee, and pleasant and profound words...

that sometimes it is frizzy bedhead and worry lines, weary eyes, missed moments, not knowing what to make for dinner, the coffee getting cold again, and nothing much to say...

but I'm also learning that this is the only life on this earth I have been given, so why not be thankful for the "nothing" days, the days not spent in perfect bliss, the days no one would write a fairy-tale about?

Simply because it is the little nothings, the imperfections, that will shape me, grow me, make me more like the Perfect One, the One who is Full-to-Overflowing.

Maybe that is why He makes life like that... just so we can let go of our nothings and make Him our Everything.


Anonymous said...

So simply profound, dear one. I so love your ability to write your heart and mind so beautifully.
You're always in my heart,

Rebecca Ann said...

Yes thank you for these looking forward to Heaven thoughts.