Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites {No. 6} Crazy Assortment!

This week's group of pictures covers a range that made it quite impossible for me to come up with a title to tie it all together!
Hopefully the diversity will be enjoyable!

Andrew and I just love the pond behind our apartment.  My hubby loves fishing and I love taking pictures!  It works well!  This picture is a view from a couple apartments down from us... you can see the main office where the pool is.  The ripple is the water is my hubby reeling in a fish!!!

For a little digital camera, I'm pleased with how well it does in low light situations.  It was actually getting quite dark when this photo was taken.

Walking back to our apartment...

Andrew and I recently decided to get the single type of pet we would ever consider having inside our home.  We now have a 20 gallon aquarium in our apartment!!!  Can you spot the ghost shrimp???
We bought three of these little guys to help clean the tank (Snip, Snap, and Snur).  Unfortunately, Snip, Snap, and Snur became SNACKS to our fish...  Thankfully, they didn't cost too much.  :-)

This is Isildur... our Lord of the Rings fishie.  He's so royal-looking that we had to give him a dignified name.  :-)  He is an African Cichlid and full of personality.

This is Magneto... he is a lovely blue African Cichild.  He likes to move really fast, so it was difficult getting a picture of him!

This is Perry; he is also a blue (and yellow!) African Cichlid.  He is our most docile of all the fish.  He actually has us a bit worried, health-wise.  Hopefully he'll be okay though!

This is Dunimis (Greek word for "power"... think dynamite!).  He is the biggest of all the fish and is the resident "bully".  With African Cichilds though, that's to be expected.  They are a very pretty and very fierce type of fish.

And, last but not least (though smallest), is Sprite.  Like a fairy, not a drink.  He's a Jewel Cichlid and is famous for either fighting with Isildor or teaming up with him to beat up Dunimis.  ;-)

Fun group of fish... amazing (and so entertaining) to watch during those long days when I'm at home alone.  Yes, I do talk to them... I'll only get worried if they start talking back.

Another exciting new happening is that I started my childcare job this week!  This adorable little guy has spent several hours with me this week and I must admit that I think I'm in love.

Apollos is a little over a month old and is the most content, happy baby I have ever met!!!  He is SO laid-back and easy to tend!  Plus, he makes the cutest faces!!!

Oh yeah... this is his "You think you're in charge, but I know better" face!
So happy with this new job so far!!!

Two of my lovely sisters, Natalie and Samantha, come to visit once a week for piano lessons.  Mom was late picking them up this last time, so we went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Sammie found a crawdad and was amazed to know that it wasn't rain falling that was making the ripples in the pond, but actually little fish biting at bugs!  She's so much fun!

Natie Jayne has started to take after her older sister... :-)  She has started combining bunned-up hair with little braids and feather hair-clips!!!  So proud of her!!!
By the way, doesn't she have a wonderful smile?  This expression makes me think of words like:
serene, joyous, content, etc...

My feet... for some reason I usually always end up taking a picture of them... its just such a fun angle!

Hope you all have had a loverly week!

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!! Love the pics and the fish and the sisters and just everything about you!!!! :) Hope you and Andrew have a lovely weekend.
Much love to you,

Megan and Abby said...

Yes, fish snacks...
We recently got an aquarium for our painted turtle, and gave him six goldfish companions. Guess what happened to them. :)
Ah, Natalie is so lovely! Hope all is going well for you!